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After doing research on possibly doing business with this company, I found that they have already been listed on the ripoff report and pissedconsumer under other business names: Fairpricedshipping/marketratequote/utitransportsolutions. I know most people do not research businesses but when you are giving someone your credit card and they run their business in the garage, rename their company multiple time, to me, it looks like they are hiding something or running from someone. There are MANY respectable businesses out there that do this type of shipping LEGALLY, from an actual business location (not out of a bedroom or garage) and that you can trust. I have NO POSITIVE feelings about this "company" other than I am positive that if anything happened to my shipment, they would not be protecting me and probably would go and change their name and move their "office" into another bedroom. Cummon people, do not fall for such obvious scams.
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You have to have credit to be discredited scammer.

If Tyler gets your CC he can and probably will use it to shop with


The above post was placed by Shannon Steede of Freight88 who is nothing but a jealous competitor childishly attempting to discredit us. At no time have we denied operating a home based business.

In this economy it is responsible economics to keep overhead low, to provide excellent service to our customers. We accept Paypal as our payment method in order to provide our clients first rate security. We pity Shannon Steede because he is obviously failing in business as he has so much time on his hands he can take time to bash his competition. Furthermore, he hides his true location and identity claiming to be located in North Carolina, South Carolina and Massachusetts.

Truth is he is in hiding, and a proven coward. Unlike him, we have nothing to hide, thus clearly disclose our physical address and our proud to have a home based business operated out of a spare bedroom (not a garage), this is Florida, too hot in the garage.

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