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1 More Body Mod Tattoo - 1 more body mod ruined my tattoo

i went to 1 more body mod tattoo parlour in coffs harbour to get a tattoo , they butchered it the night it was done it started to look really swollen and started leaking , went to the doctor he said i had a staf infection , when it was all healed i went to coat of arms tattoo to see if it could be fixed up and i was informed that 1 more body mod has no qualified tattooists , 2 apprentices that have been tattooing less than a year and the owner who is practicing on people . my tattoo is all fixed now thanks to the guys at coat of arms .
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I rang,up to see about working there as a tattooist, could tell over the phone that danny was a big tough 'body piercer', hellbent on a powertrip. You do not dictate to tattooists, i imagine the man has a hard time getting tattooists to stay there, due to his wanting to control tattooists.

You do not tell a tattooist when they can use their phone, you do not tell them the rules, they tell YOU ***.

I hope you've worked that out danny. The worst shops to work for are are owned by 'body piercers'.


I had a tattoo done about a month ago a cover up and they did a great job I love it and great price to :)


All of the positive comments have grammatical similarities. The over-use of ellipses and failure to space after a comma, show that it's the same individual doing the typing.

I have a major cover-up job on the horizon, but this has shown me where to take my business.


While looking to get a tattoo in coffs... Stumble on this instead really makes its difficult for somebody who wants a tattoo to see both stores shaming each other.


This guy is rediculous seriously , 2 years worth of lies and *** jobs he must of learnt from last time and decided to span his comments about himself over a few days . You guys are fn work up all over town . YOU SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN


1 more bodgy job , biggest bunch of losers ever , no way in *** I'd let them touch me , ran In to a couple of the workers there the chick and the big guy the both bragged how good they where and how every other shop in town was *** , seen your work guys! No amount of bull plop can fix that mess


Typical of those guys, bull *** as much as possible and hope people believe it they have obviously convinced themselves , the way they carry on they are the best tattooists in the world , when in actual fact their work if floating round town and an absolute embarrassment for the individuals wearing it . 1 more body mods work is horrible friend and I both got a tattoo from there on the same day they are both really spotty and most of the ink has come out , when we went back to get it fixed the fat one said we would be charged for it , as far as I remember I paid for it to be done properly the first time !


Lol what a laugh 6 comments all at the same time hmmmmm wonder if those are fake fat boy must have been bored looking at kiddy *** .


Great work done here, very clean and so professional...


Loving Mr and Mrs Indy's new work thanks for the awesome work Kane u boys are great!

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