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Buyer BEWARE; Loan Modification group

Jeffrey A Smith Law Group #568568
Hi Bill. We know this is you. Just because we had to let you go does not give you the right to slander our name. We told you that we have a strict drug free workplace and you were let go right after your personal habits were discovered. It is not our fault that you chose to break the rules. Stop posting lies about us and go to rehab. We will not pay you a dime. Stop trying to extort us.

FYI, to anyone else who is reading, a legitimate claim would have gone directly to our management and gotten a full refund if this was actually truth instead of an obvious work of fiction. All ROR claims about our company are fiction created from Bill and another ex employee we fired 2 years ago. We do not support *** heads. They try and bully us by posting on this site and another 2 sites, but we will not pay extortionists. Notice the lack of contact information on their part? Real people leave real contact info. Just FYI. Look us up at the state bar and you'll see our flawless record. Thank you.
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I don't no Bill but what I do know is. I that I paid JAS group $2500 got my loan reduced $11 dollars. I didn't accept the loan modification and the next thing I know some woman from JAS calls me and says Mr. ______ your house is going to be auctioned off on July 3 and hangs up. I immediately tries calling JAS to no avail no one would answer my call. I had to come up with an enormous amount to stop from losing our home. That's what I know about JAS. And no one said anything about reimbursement to me.