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I filed a small claim for $9000 against these guys for not delivering kitchen cabinets to my home. I waited the standard 20 days so the guy could at least settle or make a counter claim. He did not and now he is in default. In February 2012 I paid the guy to supply me with kitchen cabinets. He never delivered. He claimed problems with suppliers and then kept delaying. Now my kitchen is torn apart waiting for the promised deliveries and they never came. He promised a free backsplash as he was sorry for the delay, but again no delivery. I think he took my money and used it for himself. I personally believe this man is conducting a fraud scheme and I am prepared to take it to the full extent of the law. He defaulted on the Small Claim and is not a registered business. I hired a Private Investigation Company to serve the Civil Claim and found out the guy (Ray Hart) has no valid driver's license and is living at his girlfriend's place in Chatham. This guy is a fraud. Don't be fooled by his design software, it is only a smokescreen. Beware!
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Was wondering how I can contact you, about this situation can you give me your email please!!!


The so-called unit number on the web site is actually a post office box in a Shopper's Drug Mart located at 420 Queen Street. There is no workshop at the drywall company outside town either.

Just so everybody knows...

If anybody else has been stung by this guy. I know where you can find him.


phil do u have a email address I can contact you at?


Hey thanks for the heads up, we will not be doing any business with this guy and the company. Had a bad vibe and you just confirmed it. Thanks


Hey. You aren't the only one to get burnt by this guy.

His web site is down now. He'll just put up another to defraud someone else. He used a web site called Kitchen Depot and it was basically the same thing. Send money no delivery.

I'm surprised this guy is still walking around and not taking a dirt nap. :(

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