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Orr Motors #651588
5.15.13 - An update on this - carproof has received a statement from the insurer that originally claimed this accident happened, stating that they actually have no record of this claim. The obvious conclusion is that this accident damage was put on this cars file in error. Carproof has consequently removed the claim from this vehicles History. We were just about to pay this consumer a sizable settlement to compensate him for the carproof claim showing up in his vehicles history even thought it only appeared over a year AFTER he purchased it from us. It took carproof months to verify their information, even then, they would not verify anything about where their information comes from, how they get it, or who is accountable for it. We spent countless man hours just getting them to acknowledge their source MIGHT have made a mistake and review the file. Then countless more hours chasing the dealer who owned the vehicle while it was supposedly in this accident, and get them to contact their insurance company to sort it out. A mistake can be as simple as the officer on the scene transposing 2 numers of a VIN. So Buyers need to be aware that their is no vehicle reporting system tha...
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