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Roca Labs deceptive and Unethical

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Roca Labs hires people to go on their website and talk to potential consumers about the product. They ask that you 'pretend' to have been very over weight and even go as far as asking you to rent a 'fat suit' and take pictures of yourself as a fat person. They will actually take before and after pics of you appearing as if you've lost all this weight and look what the product did for me! I know this first hand because I worked for the company. I was asked to bring to work any clothing that would allow me to add bulk underneath and they took pictures of me. The employer even asked me to stuff my bra which was already 3 sizes to large. When I told the owner of Roca Labs that I could not do this, that I believed it to be unethical and fraudulent, he reduced my salary and asked me to sign a non-disclosure agreement. I walked out that day w/out signing anything and now will become a voice from the inside and tell you everything I know about this company and it's practices. Starting with the fact that they hire grunts to work out of their 6 car garage making minimum wage and fulfilling orders in a fancy home in Siesta Key, Florida. Not Tampa as they claim. This business is being run out of a 10 million dollar home sitting on a canal in the heart of Siesta Key, Florida! The owner of this company has his 'team of attorneys' calling me saying he won't pay me my final paycheck until I sign this non-disclosure agreement... sorry but by State of Florida law...don't have too! What I will do however, is sign off on the papers I file with the Florida False Claim Act board along with the Inspector General and several other agencies that are interested in all things Roca.
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Dear PissedConsumer User:

Not everyone believes you should have the right to express yourself about the companies who take your hard-earned money for their products and services. Roca Labs certainly does not.

Please read on to learn about the legal campaign Roca Labs is undertaking to punish consumers who complain about its products.

Roca Labs is doing whatever it can to identify former customers and others who have posted their comments here so it can take legal action against them to prevent them from expressing themselves and informing other consumers about their experiences. PissedConsumer is fighting the actions of Roca Labs in the courts. Our attorneys have filed papers in two different states demonstrating that the law prohibits these actions by Roca Labs. But Roca Labs is not waiting for a ruling – it is suing customers to shut down their speech and, if possible, obtain “damages” to intimidate others from speaking.

Roca Labs seems likely continue to sue customers who speak out until a judge stops them.

We hope that happens soon, but it may take months to obtain a ruling. We cannot provide legal advice or representation to users, however. Therefore, you may wish to seek legal counsel if you have concerns about a review you have posted here.

Your lawyer may contact us via legal@***.com.

You should also review our takedown policy at to inform yourself as to what measures you can take to voluntarily request the removal of your own PissedConsumer review, if you wish to do so.

Click here for important news to Roca Labs reviewers on PissedConsumer: PissedConsumer Team



This notice is from Roca Labs (the “Company”) and is an attempt to communicate with you regarding your anonymous posting on this website. We will be seeking a court order to obtain your name and contact information if you do not reply to this notice.

The Company has thousands of satisfied customers who achieved their weight loss goals and changed their lives with our products (see If you are an actual purchaser of any product from the Company, we are sorry that you did not have a great experience. However, we believe that your review violates the terms and conditions ( of your purchase. We hereby give you notice of your breach of the purchase agreement and demand that you IMMEDIATELY cure your breach by removing this posting.

Roca Labs has been harmed by your posting and will hold you financially responsible for any damages that we suffer.

In addition, we believe that your posting contains blatantly false, malicious, defamatory, libelous and slanderous statements. We have suffered great financial harm by these statements and we will seek damages if you do not retract these statements.

If you are not a customer and are pretending to be one, be advised that we have been injured by your blatantly false, malicious, defamatory, libelous and slanderous statements. We have suffered great financial harm by these statements and we will seek damages if you do not retract these statements.

Please contact us immediately at to resolve this matter. The Company will take all necessary and appropriate legal action to protect our rights.

Our goal is to resolve this problem without litigation, and hope that you will immediately contact the Company.


Hello Smarterthanuthought, I am interested in hearing more, for as I could believe you! Companies as such, is what we need to crack down on for the sake of all consumers.

If you did in fact work for this company, good for you...speaking the truth! So, can you prove your statements to be true?


I I can add to the saga of unethical, deceiving, dishonest greedy ways to give false excuses for not paying wages earned due to "lost sales" or incurring "legal fees". It's b.s.

I am not a customer. As far as the actual product, it can be a wonderful solution if used properly, but the way it is ran and the customer service is shady. Not allowed to talk to existing customers, they have you portray so many different positions and people.....

They did something illegal, which THEY incurred the law suit. NOT ME


Although I am concerned with the legit aspect of the business (which I wasn't aware of), I must truly say that the Roca Labs product changed my life by allowing me to lose almost 60 pounds in the last 2 years. I still had to exercise hard, but the way it controlled my hunger was simple unbelievable.


@David in Dallas: I have searched for the article and can't find it. If you don't provide a link, I call B.S.


please give newspaper link. thanks.


The BS that pervades Roca Labs' customer service, advertising and marketing, business practices, etc., all come from the owner. Roca Labs is all about lies. Avoid it!


Thanks a lot for the truth - we need more real feedback on this company.


Roca Labs in Newspaper article states: Illegally run diet and food supplement company named Roca Labs caught distributing an FDA regulated product out of a 'non-licensed' residentially zoned rental property in Florida. Article continues with the company guru getting calls from several agencies and after investigating finds out there were no permits or license to run such a large operation out of the basement of the owners home.

The article goes on to read: This wasn't your Mom's part-time Mary Kay or Avon business.

It's a full blown distribution operation sitting right in the middle of a beach town's quiet residential center stone.

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