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"PHOTOBOY STUDIOS"/Bob Rigsby is a ***

This is a warning to any girls in the Cleveland area who are currently in the modeling business or thinking about doing so in the future. I am a model from the Cleveland area, and I've been doing work off and on for the past few years with different photographers. I was doing some work for Bob Rigsby, owner of "PHOTOBOY STUDIOS" up until about 6 months ago. I have sense stopped working with him as he is very unprofessional. He presents himself as a legitimate photographer but that is not the case. He claims to do work for "big name" companies/magazines but if you were to ask any of those companies they would say they have never heard of him. Other photographers in the area have also said they do not think very highly of him or his work. He does not care about the quality of his images and will post images on his ModelMayhem profile that will make you look bad and potentially hurt your chances of being taken seriously in the industry. If you work with him on a regular basis, he will eventually start thinking he "owns" you and get salty about you working with other photographers, even though it says nothing in his contract about only working with him. When I confronted him about the issues I was having, he turned into a giant 10 year old and started throwing insults around. As I said he is very unprofessional even though he puts up a "front" at first to make you think he is legitimate. He does not have his own studio, just a camera and very little equipment. A while back, he almost ran an ad in Scene Magazine with me in it where my image was unedited and of very poor quality. When I told him I didn't want to display anything that was not my best work, he got mad at me and threw a fit like a child. He is also delusional and has mental issues. He is very manipulative and vindictive and will cause a lot of unnecessary drama once you tell him you are not happy with something or not working with him anymore. Please don't waste your time on this ***. He is very difficult of not impossible to reason with and the end result is not worth the trouble. If you want quality images, I would suggest going to A and D studio, Scott Byler Photography, or Erik's Photography (google them). There are also a lot more places to get good images for a portfolio but DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON "PHOTOBOY STUDIOS" as you may end up regretting it later on. There are a lot of good options out there but please avoid this low-life quack at all costs. Good luck and God bless.
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