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Roca Labs - Double charged me

My US bank card would not work on the web sight. The sight would come up, "Can not display web page". I then had to use my primary bank card. I selected the 3 month payment plan. They took the full amount out of my bank card of 459. Then I checked the balance from the bank card that "did not work". They took a payment of 159.00 out on top of the 459 from my main account. I wanted to talk to someone at roca labs about my refund for 159.00. All i get is the automated machine.
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Hi Moon1978. Why did you give both your cards?

When you saw that there is a problem with the first one, the ONLY thing you should have done is to contact your Bank and ivestigate. It is often that systems have mistakes and don't show processed payment in time. That's why you should have called your Bank. I had a problem with my payment also with the same company, but the error was not on their end but on mine.

A bank implemented a new security protocol on my card and that didn't let the payment to be processed. After I called my bank and gave them a green light, they let it through and I never had one issue with the payment.


Can you tell me the name of the company they charged your credit card under? Was it Roca Labs or something different?


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