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AirTran Airways - AirTran WILL leave you behind, and WILL kick you off flight for bad reasons

AirTran WILL leave you behind, and WILL kick you off a flight due to the incompetence of the people they hire. Let me explain: I took a flight out from Boston, ended up in the TSA security line for 45 minutes before I got completely through, and that included having to cut 3/4ths of the line when I realized I was cutting it pretty close to departure time. Showed up at the gate 3 minutes late; they left without me. They NEVER paged me, they NEVER sent someone to see if I was stuck in security. They also departed BEFORE their departure time (I screenshot the flight information at the end of the night from my phone as proof). Their staff had no interest in helping me upon realizing my flight left without me, and were genuinely uninterested in my situation. They offered no help, and basically told me, "too bad". They wouldn't even look at me when they talked to me - they were typing fast away at their computers. I left a BBB complaint about the incident and they are one of only two companies I've had to leave a complaint about that had no interest in making things right. They dismissed all my grievances to the matter and blamed me, under a guise of "we shut the doors 10 minutes before departure, as it's important that we get our passengers in the air as soon as we can and prevent delays." Let me now explain to you how this is a complete farce. On the day of my rescheduled flights, on my connecting flight a flight attendant managed to get her seat wet from rain (I've flown plenty where it's rained and never heard of this happening). After we pulled out from the gate, we sit for a couple minutes and we hear the captain announce the aforementioned issue, and that they'd have to pull back in so they got "replace the seat". I think to myself, "Replace the seat? Why don't they just put plastic trash bags over it, or towels or something?" What they ended up meaning by that is that they were going to get an AirTran rep to board the plane and tell, not ask - but tell, a coach passenger they had to deboard the plane and be put on stand by. Then they told, not ask - told, a first class passenger they had to move back to the now empty coach seat. And the now vacant first class seat is where the flight attendent ended up sitting for the flight. In the end we took off about an hour late. So, they quite clearly don't value their customers, nor their scheduled arrival times/departure times, as much as they lead you to believe - their flight crew being comfortable after they screwed their own seat up was more important than 1) paging and checking on checked in, but non-boarded, passengers, 2) their customers taking their paid flight without worry of being told to get off the plane. If you make a complaint against them, they WILL lie about the details, and do what they can to not own up to their own mistakes. They claimed in their response to my BBB complaint that they confirmed that they did page me - lies - I listened intently out of worry that I was starting to cut it close and it never happened. Heard plenty of other airlines paging other passengers to other flights. I rejected their response, made a rebuttal, they then reiterated what they said the first time for the most part, and closed the case out with no consequence. Don't make the same mistake I did by flying with these guys. They gave me a bad experience the first time I flew with them 4 years ago, gave them another chance because the flight was that much cheaper, and I regret it. I lost more money in the day of work I lost in comparison to what I saved choosing them to fly with. Also keep in mind Southwest Airlines owns AirTran, so you may want to consider skipping them as well. You're a number to them. Well, this number is taking his business elsewhere. In fact I just booked a flight for next week and skipped over them despite seeing they had a cheaper flight in to where I was going. Not worth the risk.
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Yes you should have been earlier

As for the flight attendant seat.flight attendants are required to be onboard and they would not kick off a paying passenger unless they had could be the seat was somehow damaged because of the rain so it was the fastest way to get the most passengers to their destination.also flight crew only sit for takeoff and landing so im sure it was more than just a wet seat.


You have no one to blame but yourself. All airlines lock the door 10 minutes to departure.

Get your *** to the airport a little earlier. You can't anticipate TSA lines.


yOU ARE A FOOL. !!!!!

It ia your job to be at airport 2 hours before flight. Airtran had no reason to look for you being late.

Oh yes, let us hold the airplane till all people who bouight tickets are here and boarded. NOT

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