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Navitus - Devious Company

I imagine this greedy company doesn't have a "discussion page," because too many people are on to their corporate hunger for profit, and the complaints filed against them were probably too much for them to handle - didn't want the public to know. Too bad. They might get sued! I'm gonna' hit every "social media" venue with MY story, because, simply put, NAVITUS' HEALTH SOLUTIONS is designed merely to PUT MORE MONEY IN "THEIR" POCKETS! My "truth," backed with evidence, & My story: I belong to a UNION and was forced into retirement in 2010, because I've virtually been a TYPE 1 DIABETIC all my life who is now dependent on an Insulin Pump to keep me alive! I am 63 years old and in 2012 I signed up for Medicare. I also have a supplement policy, for close to $200 per month, through my Union Hall which pays everything Medicare doesn't.....UNTIL NAVITUS HEALTH SOLUTIONS CAME ALONG! Keep in mind, I'm a RETIREE. I do not, and cannot work anymore - no prevailing wage, no overtime and no double time! When I worked, I paid $10 for a month supply of Humalog, (Insulin). 1 vial of Humalog costs more than $400, thanks to Big Pharma, which NAVITUS is tied into.....But Medicare has this thing called DME - Durable Medical Equipment - which allows them to whittle down the price on life-sustaining drugs and equipment which makes it more affordable for dying people. I was told today that NAVITUS doesn't abide by Medicare rules. And now that I'm on Social Security and Medicare, they'd rather charge me between $80 and $100 per month for my life-sustaining Insulin, than abide by Medicare rules! And I'm quarantined to CVS pharmacy, which isn't Medicare friendly, because Medicare discounts life-sustaining drugs which they market to you, the public. So, I had my doc call my Insulin script to Walgreens, just to see what they would do. I walked into that drug store and picked up 2 vials of Humalog Insulin for my pump, and my copay was -0-! NAVITUS told me, "You're not allowed to go to Walgreens." Are ya' seeing a pattern here? I've been getting my Humalog Insulin at Walgreens ever since......for -0- copay! So NAVITUS holds to their credo, "You're not allowed to go to Walgreens, because they're not in our network!" In other words, I'm not allowed to go to Walgreens, because then NAVITUS can't screw me out of $1200.00 per year, because NAVITUS doesn’t comply with Medicare rules - same as CVS! My attorney is all over this and her firm is even considering a "Class Action Suit" that may include my Union Hall......I'll keep y'all informed!
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Resolved: Alpine Home Air - Deceitful Practices

Update by user Nov 20, 2014

I'd forgotten my post on this site and I hope all who have issues with Alpine will just hang in there, because they HAVE shipped me a new panel PLUS credited me with MORE than enough money to pay a Tech to install it. Although it took some persistence on my behalf, I...

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When shipping furnaces and air conditioners, they can sometimes be damaged in transit. While we would like to be able to ship these items in crates it would add more than $100 to the cost of the product that would ultimately be passed to the consumer.

As an alternative, we use wood four-way pallets with heavy duty stretch wrap using machines that lock the unit to the pallet, cardboard, corner guards and no-stack cones. We never stack products and do not allow the freight carriers to do that. We have simple policies for resolving any issue with damage if it happens. Our customers have the option to receive a cash reimbursement for any dings or scratches or they can refuse the product at delivery.

We immediately ship a new product. We are one of the easiest companies to work with when it comes to damage.

I've been doing this for 10 years and I can guarantee you that there isn't a faster, less expensive solution than what we do.

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