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MyPillow - The My Pillow is the worst!!

The My Pillow is the most uncomfortable pillow I've ever bought. i bought two medium firmness In king size. It is full of lumpy pieces of foam. It is uneven and true to its word it won't ever flatten out because the foam is hard in places Don't buy this pillow I am a side sleeper and wound up throwing it off the bed I tried removing some of the stuffing to make it flatter but I only made it worse. I can;t think of one good comment to say Very disappointed because of the amount of ads on TV
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I don't know what size you purchased, but mine was a god-send. I used to cram 3 pillows into a pillow case to make them the right height.

I bought the #4 thickness and that was the first time I woke up @ 8am instead of 3am. I can feel my fingers in the morning too!

I'll bet you bought one 2 sizes too large and are taking it out on the company now lol!!

If you don't want to even use their free exchange policy, I bet you can give it to someone with a larger jacket size than you, they would tell you how they love it.

@big guy

I bought the white regular size. It's to flat for me so I use it stacked on my old pillow.I got used to it after several weeks.

But it is not worth the money. Since buying it months ago I have had odd health problems so bad I had to go to the Emergency Room and to 2 different doctors, 1 a Specialist. Dizzy, vomiting, and an irritation in my throat that I have had many months, that I saw the Specialist about. A culture showed normal flora only, but my throat is painful and red, the Specialist said something is irritating my throat, and it won't clear up.

All this since buying this pillow. I wonder what this pillow is stuffed with????

I can't afford all these doctor and Hospital bills, and TODAY I took it off my bed, because it could be the cause! :sigh

@big guy

Same response you put on other posts.

Too bad you couldn't be bothered to change the copy and pasted response..

He did mention the size of the pillows!

I know you're really busy though

You've got a company to save!


This pillow is the worst I have ever had! I feel like I paid them to give me stiff necks! Save your money and buy a good pillow elsewhere...this is not worth a thing.

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