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Dustin I Nichols Attorney stole my $$$$

I got taken in on a scam perpertrated by an attorney by the name of DUSTIN IVES NICHOLS in Dana Point CA. It was an investment scheme where attorney Nichols represented he could earn me a return of 15% with no risk. Well the only risk was being scammed by Nichols himself. he got $5000 that he was to put in his trust account but instead put it in his own *** personal account. guess he needed to pay his rent that month. What a cheap loser!!! Ripping off his own client. And worse the investment was just himself promoting his own LLC with some dimwitted poorly written misspelt operating agreement. i would avoid doing business with this FRAUD. he is really bad news. A total loser, corrupt to the bone. greedy and *** too. Luckily, I only lost five grand, others lost tens of thousands. now I am in bankruptcy and sued to to his incompetance. Save yourself a lot of trouble and get a decent attorney.
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Please be aware that the attorney Dustin I Nichols is an attorney practicing law in Orange County, California. This Dustin Nichols has had numerous complaints filed against him for various charges including fraud.

The attorney Dustin T. Nichols of North Carolina is not involved with this scam, and is cooperating with authorities to prosecute the perpetrator residing in California.


appearently this *** attorney is still in business. and we just keep hearing about complaints and *** about him... please post any new info on how it goes to get your monies back...i feel sorry for you.




Truth is a defense to a slander or libel suit. With the multitude of complaints against this dude, i would imagine some if not all of them would hold up in a court of law.

I would love to testify about the *** Dustin Nichols and have a jury hear it. That would prove beyond reasonable doubt what we all ready know.

So bring it on Nichols. We can hardly wait for your day of reckoning.


Sorry - don't believe you. I've never heard a bad word about this attorney.

Sounds like you've got an axe to grind and probably nothing to do with Mr.



I too was taken by this *** Dustin Nichols is a total loser and a list too. I would not trust him with anything of substance.

He is totally incompetent and will steAl your money if given the opportunity. Why take such a risk.

Just hire a decent and honest attorney. :grin


This is the most ridiculous post! That people can put out slanderous information like this without any evidence is beyond ridiculous. This man is an attorney not an investment broker. You are messing with a person's livelihood when you falsely accuse them of something like this!

I have been a client of this man's for over 10 years and can tell you that this is an honest and reputable man. He has continuously gone above and beyond the call of duty for me and my family and well as many others that we have refered to him. He is an ethical man of principal and conviction.

I would hope that if you are looking for a good attorney you will do your due dilligence and not take the garbage written above at face value!


Take down this scurrilous post immediately! This person was NEVER a Client of this Firm (in fact I have never even heard of him) and we do not offer "investments" of any kind. Should I not receive confirmation of the removal of this false report within 5 days of today's date (or December 10, 2012), I will file an action in Superior Court seeking an injunction and compensatory damages from the corporate owner of this website for libel.


Have you filed a complaint against this guy?

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Philip D Dapeer Law Corporation - Phillip D. Dapeer attorney, con artist, ripped me off $$$

I went to Phillip D. Dapeer attorney in Westlake Village ca for a simple chapter 7 bankruptcy. I gave him $1500 to pay for the service and file the paperwork. NOTHING WAS DONE!!! He just took my money. He did not even bother to give me a receipt. i handed him cash and *** me did not bother getting a receipt. now he denies getting the money. Lucky for me my girlfriend was with me and filmed this corrupt b@***d shoving the money into his pockets. During is free? consultation Dapeer mostly told me a way to hide my cash and property from the bankruptcy court and pay things that are not traceable. What a liar and cheat. he is the most corrupt person ever. Lawyer jokes were written just for him. I ended up doing the bankruptcy for with a legit attorney for only $499 and paid by check. no lies no fraud. i would seriously avoid this unethical bafoon. The only reason he has clients is he spends money on advertising and gets suckers in to fleece. Please post if you have had similar experiences as i cannot imagine i was the only one to get suckered in. I have filed with the state bar of calif. and the local police. hope they put him in jail where he belongs. how could anyone be so heartless to take advantage of people in bankruptcty? That money was to put food on the table for my family. Carl Henning (never to be suckered again!)
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My experience has been completely different. Mr.

Dapeer has represented my family, my businesses for over 25 years. He has shown expertise, creativity and intelligence in managing legal matters ranging from real estate, contract law, collections and trust documents.

We have worked together on cases in which we have gone to mediation and the mediators (sometimes retired judges) have commented after the fact their respect for Mr. Dapeer.

He has interfaced with our CPA, our clients' attorneys and clients, directly. All services have been performed professionally and respectfully with all parties.


Phil Dapeer is a lying, cheating, disingenuous, corrupt fraud! Hopefully, he loses his license to practice law for all of the grievances that he has perpetrated on all of his victims over the years. Karma will come knocking on his door very soon.


Everyone who has dealt with Dapeer should go on and put the horrendous review on that he deserves!


What was the end result with your case? I see he broke your confidentiality below. We are also having problems with this person and his lies.


There are no words for how horrible a person and attorney

Phillip Dapeer is. He will say anything, regardless of the truth, to induce a potential client to sign a retainer and pay him a hefty upfront fee. My experience is that what he told me that he could and would do, I have since found out from other

attorneys was never possible.

During the case, when I questioned him on why not one thing he said was being achieved, he would throw a tantrum, swear at me and threaten to withdraw from the case, knowing I couldn't change attorneys at that point.

The case was dismissed by the judge. In reviewing transcripts of the hearings that Attorney Dapeer attended on my behalf, it seems he continually failed to provide the judge routine reports that were asked of him. Therefore, the judge dismissed the case.

Not only did he not return many of my calls and e-mails, I found out that he didn't return those of opposing counsel either. Also, throughout the case, when he did communicate with me it was all lies; he would tell me all is progressing along well and close to a favorable settlement, when that was never the case.

I've since found out that he has settled numerous malpractice cases, but was informed that he doesn't have insurance any longer. This man is a menace and I wish the bar would take his license away so he can not harm any other innocent people.


This disgusting *** ripped me off too .he is a total liar and is not to be trusted. Just take your business elsewhere good luck!


@The thruth

Dapeer has been suspended from practicing law, long overdue!!!


I also got snookered into giving money to this liar and looser. Luckily I paid by credit card so I have reverced the charge.

But what a BAD experience . This old *** should dig his own grave. he preys on the innocence and takes their money to do nothings. Must be a very bad person to take money from people in debt.

mostly Dapeer rips off your cash and files worthless and wrong forms so the court kicks you out.

never got the right answers from him. only babble and nonesense.


Take down this scurrilous post immediately, or I will file suit in Superior Court and seek compensatory damages from the corporate owner of this website for the libel.

Mr. Henning has been provided with advice equal to the $1420 he tendered me; his statement is riddled with factual inaccuracies. For example, I provided a receipt, which in his negligence he must have lost.

@Phillip D. Dapeer, Attorney at

I find it quite interesting that the only things Mr Dapeer defends here is that he did provid a receipt and that the same client got his monies worth. I too have personal experience with Mr Dapeer.

Stall tatics, getting hostil when questions that put him on the spot are asked.

Having provided necessary data to fill in forms and taking over a month to provide copies to review.

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