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Kurtis Miller/The Water Works/Rockville, Maryland

Yesterday I waited for Kurtis Miller of The Water Works to come to the house. He did extensive + expensive work a few years ago waterproofing our foundation + leaks have come through the wall. I asked him to come by + see what could be done. He didn't come. Then he said he was coming in the evening. I waited. He didn't show up. I called the company this morning + asked him to call. He did. I said that I waited for him because he said he was coming. I quote what he yelled at me: "I've got this with my own wife. I don't want to hear it. Get someone else!" Then he hung up on me. SO if you live in the DC area do not use Kurtis Miller of The Water Works in Rockville, Maryland.
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I have had extensive and numerous relations with Mr. Kurtis S.

Miller of Rockville , Maryland. Similarly, all of my transactions have ended up in COMPLETE DISSATISFACTION , anger , frustration, and in one instance a violent personal attack by Mr. Kurtis Miller.

Mr. Miller was the previous owner of the RE1 -zoned property known as 4903 Bready Road, Rockville Maryland.

This is a residential lot, with a house, barn and 2.99 acres of fine Montgomery County land. I made Mr. Miller an offer to purchase this property for the amount $ 207,000.00 . Mr.

Miller shirked all his responsibility as a seller to clean YEARS of business and construction debris and clutter from the property. When I took on the task myself, I incurred a large hauling and dumping expense of Mr. Miller's debris: concrete, re-bar, broken ponds, lighting and such. The clean-up job from Mr.

Miller's neglect was HORRIBLE, and took approximately $10,000 .I paid for it all.

I phoned MR. Miller after the clean -up, and settlement of the property. In his idiocy, arrogance and stupidity, Mr. Miller DENIED ANY KNOWLEGE of the situation , and in further arrogance DEMANDED TO REMAIN AS A TENANT RENT FREE.

I objected strongly, and to him that he was no longer the owner ( settlement had occurred ) and that any items remaining on the property were considered abandoned. Mr. Miller reacted with anger and indignation, and proceeded to force his way on to my property, almost running me over in doing so. A fight ensued , with Mr.

Miller brandishing a golf club , and swinging it at me as he attempted to force his way into the back yard . Mr. Miller took many swings, and near misses of my head and skull before he was run off the property by my employees.

His wife laughed at me on the phone as I relayed the story. PLEASE , DO YOURSELF A FAVOR do NOT contact nor do business with this pale imitation of a man.

He is dangerous, and dishonest.

Anthony C. Rigopoulos, Rockville Maryland

(301) 460 - ****

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