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McDonalds Big Mac

I haven't had a Big Mac in approximately 6 years, before last night. I was amazed at how small it was. For more money. My memory is not failing me yet, it was definitely much smaller. I can understand if they want to downsize the heart attack special, but they need to inform us they are doing that and why, and then cut the price. Apparently they have been gradually increasing the prices over the years, while gradually decreasing the portions. McDonalds Corp. must not think very highly of their clientele's intelligence and ability to grasp the obvious.
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you fat ***, try eating a salad. you're just a big ole fatty fat fat.

aren't you fatty. heres a candybar ***


My advice is to beat them at their own game and order their $1.00 double cheeseburgers with big mac sauce and shredded lettuce. Works for me...........

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