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Manchester Police Department - Manchester Nh police corrupt and ***

the manchester nh police department is a joke,they treat the average citizen as though they are criminals,they harass the poor homeless people that sit at veterans park and threaten them with arrest,they take pictures of people who are not even under investigation,no to mention if they want to slap the *** out of someone they will,they tell people that they are the police and the law does not include the police, there are several officers on the manchester police department who take illegal bribes,kickbacks to look the other way,officers who are addicted to crack,heroin,mehamphetamine,etc.if they catch an individual with drugs instead of arresting the person they take the drugs, and the persons cash,i can prove the following officers are dirty beyond doubt, officer brian oleary, officer victoria catano,officer valenti, Detective Kenneth loui, Detective Martin Swirko,detective Barbee, officer morgan Lovejoy,chief David Mara, Deputy chief, Richard Simmons,officer cruz, officer ryan grant, officer walter feldhouse,lt tessier. sgt. joe mucci,Lt. James Soucy, these members of manchester police need to be fired and indicted for there crimes, these people should not be holding the citizens to the standard they can not follow.. criminal dirty cops and no i do not have an arrest record,
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The U.S. citizen is the boss not the police not the government they are strickly to serve and protect the public no more no less.

nobody is above the law not us not them the U.S. constitution says so they work for us. if they won't do their job we as citizens have the right the authority to take control and make the law work like it says. they must follow the law like we are supposed to.

they don't have special rights or priviliges.



Richard Tracy went from being corrupt as Manchester Police Chief to covering up a death threat made to a witness in a lawsuit at a Water Well Board Meeting on 10/24/13. He's polite though.

When I went to report DES staff extorting approximately $137k from consumers in Weare, NH....he wished us luck in getting an appointment with an attorney at the AG's Office.

Still, the extortion has gone unpunished. Hmm, What was his cut of that??

Tell ***....Toopy says hello.


Manchester PD really are useless. the comments about them taking drugs off the streets it a loud of ***.

This city is high infested with heroin, crack and all sorts of other drugs. I live in the middle of it all and they are never around when *** is going down. don't get robbed they'll do nothing about that either. The fact that there are people so intent with backing their stupidity just shows how much *** there really is in his city (not that I don't see *** everywhere I go).

The moment *** hits the fan they protect the criminals more than the people that deserve their protection or their services. They feel that they are better than everyone and need to pull their heads out of their ***. It's one thing to look over minor *** it's another to absolutely ignore whats going on.

if the cops did their jobs all these dealers and addicts would be off the street guess what they are not. Manchester need an enema badly.


Another pissed of law abiding citizen


Manchester NH police are here to SERVE and PROTECT and I'm NOT being served. I guess it all depends on who you are.

VERY disappointed. We need MORE police and WE need judges who won't fall for criminals who pretend to be remorseful for what they did.

The judges in this city are way too lenient and too gullible. Community service for a lot of these offenders is a joke.


It is not just your police force that is like that all of them are pigs.

@kevin richards

Kevin Richards you sound educated. try living without them for one day.

Thank god we have them to protect us from *** like you and the above person that posted this thread. Raging lunatics.


go *** yourself loser, get a life and find something else to *** about. these people put there life on the line everyday to keep crime off the street and drugs from coming into the community. Your a low life *** who has nothing better to do with there time get a job and quit your *** and learn respect..


I think you have it twisted ***. Your the joke, Manchester police see alot of horrible crimes and they execute it well, I take high offense of being the son of one of these mentioned men.

You deserve to be put in jail. I agree with Copper thank god we have them to protect us from idiots like you.


Put in jail for free speech.?? Sounds like the son of Manchester pd to me.

Corrupt AF department that will take a bribe from anyone.

That list of officers up there. Officer Wilson was left out. He’s a cool guy.

Allows someone to cause an accident accepts bribe to place blame on the person injured and not only takes 3 months to file any report, but also lied on the entirety of the report. Officer Wilson of Manchester pd is a piece of Manchester garbage.


The ramblings on a lunatic such as you make me happy we have police on the streets as protection!

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