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Radio Shack Worst Customer Service Treament EVER

Below is the letter I sent to Radio Shack Customer Care: Good day- I just left the Store location at 1127 W. Pleasant Valley Rd, Parma Oh 44134 where I received the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE TREATMENT in my entire adult life. I enter the store at approximately 1 PM EST on 9/15/2012. There was only the one person working and he was helping another customer but quickly asked me if I needed assistance. I said yes and asked if you carried an XLR to USB microphone cord. He proceeded to tell me that the only thing available was an adaptor for headphones then left me to look on my which was fine. I located the Exact item I wanted the RadioShack® XLR to Mini USB Microphone Adapter - Model: 33-331 | Catalog #: 33-331 which comes in a small clam shell clear plastic sort of box where the back pops on and off very easily. I took the item to the register and said this is what I was looking for and I took the back off to ensure it was the proper hook up and that's where the Radio Shack Clerk rolled his eyes and said in a sarcastic tone like speak to a child in a frustrated manner. I told its fine I'm purchasing it and wanted to make sure it's what I wanted. ** He said and I quote " I don't care what you do with once your out the door but don't open the product inside. Mind you I did this at the register in front of this ***. He proceeded to spout Radio Shack policy in which I replied I have an MBA and I had a friend that managed at Radio Shack for a few years after college I understand but I am buying it and I'll be on my way. He then replied "NO, you're not buying this here because I don't like your attitude." I never gave this person and type of harsh language of any sort nor did I raise my voice at any time! As I walked out of the store I told the heavy set blondish clerk that I would be logging a complaint which he replied - Go ahead, I can explain how bad your attitude was to corporate. It will be easy to find out who he is as he was the only one working in the store at the time. I did not get this *** clerks name but I want him reprimanded and a written apology! I have 20 years of Customer Service/Inside Sales experience, and an MBA. I thoroughly understand policy and have extensive experience in handling difficult to charming customers. ** This atrocious Radio Shack employee broke every customer service rule in the book and also, declined a sale and commission. If one of my employees handle customers with this lack of respect, tact, and deft, then I would be very concerned that there may be others that had a similar experience that did not chose to contact your corporate office. This kind of employee customer interface has a Direct Effect on the revenue of the Pleasant Valley location and I am certain this clerk is loosing business and money. I really would have chalked it up to bad customer service and not written in had he just shut his mouth and sold me the item. I Expect To Hear Something From A Liaison Of Your Company within a week or less to hear of ho you intend to handle this situation. I will also be sharing my experience via Social Media so others can hear my story and judge for themselves whether Radio Shack handles the customer affairs. I am a Sincerely Frustrated long time customer.
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Hmm...Im usually on ths customers side, but the person writing this letter strikes me as a real pompous ***. You could of at least asked before just opening the package and especially before paying, (regardless of ur intent to buy) Im pretty certain u would of had a different result.

I would like to think someone with an MBA might have a little more courtesy.

Who carea that u have an MBA anyway. U sound like an educated *** with no class!


as a formmer store manager who left because of the corp bs in my store we always would open the product for the customer if they asked as i would much rather had the customer get the right product the first time the situation u had is just poor customer service and if that employee worked for me he would have been repermanded


I'm not saying this justifies your bad service or anything but I'm sure a lot of employees are all little on edge due to the recent bs pay cut radio Shack issued to employees along with commission being taken away.


I am a newly hired associate for RadioShack, and I'd like to apologize for the way you were treated. I have noticed that my fellow associates sometimes are rude and do not care but there are a few of us that actually care about the customer service that should be provided. I myself make it my personal goal to make sure that everyone that walks in is satisfied when they leave the store.

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