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PeopleReady - Do your best to get alone with staff at people ready, because they are quick to judge you and put you in a category and that category is to block block block and block tell you can't get any job in ci

You could call Tacoma wa and report them but they will check there employee's for instance I took a job on job stacks a few days ago arrived 30 minutes early the supervisor and area manager was there so they not only could see that I came but I was the first to show up, so the supervisor instructed me to go into the building with the other people while she talked with are manager as I was walking in the first set of doors I didn't see anyone so I proceeded threw the other set of doors and then the supervisor came be hind me in a Abrupt and very and in a physical manner talking down to me and I tried to explain to her as to what she told me to do but she just kept try to cut me off in my speech by talking over me as if I was a child. So the associates at this particular people ready they have respect for you as an individual pretty much like slavery times don't sas me boy that's how they come off on time ready to work and still talk to you like we are in 1820 the year, so a job like this you work it until you can do better it's not that you'd want to stay on permanently just to get by but remember they want you to be a curtain way to work for people ready Very docile they want to be the Intimidator they don't mind letting you know who they really are, also if they don't like you they will allow you to choose a job on the site and then Send you a confirm text that you will be yo the job when they decide like 2 to 3 hours and maybe you accepted the job at 7pm to be there at 9am the next day they send the confirm text while you are sleeping getting your rest to be prepared for the job and then call you at 5am 4 hours before your shift start laughing and chuckling in ear to tell you that the job you're supposed to be going on has been canceled, now those are games that are being played atleast on me, so hang up and check job stacks and there a message stating I was removed 32 minutes ago granted I just got the phone with the supervisor that the job was canceled not what it said, so one could assume she did it so remember when you accept a job you have to watch your phone 2 to 3 hours to get your confirm text or they will cancel you especially and only if everyone is confirmed they are going to the job, but if that doesn't happen they won't cancel you in my experience. They do pick and choose and it don't seem like this bad practice is going to be checked so you'll will get tired of these Shenanigans and my suggestions is to go to another daily pay temporary service because the staff at people ready will play with your life because they don't care about you at all if they have favorites that they depend on. who ever you are you mean nothing to them and don't be a black person because they don't like African Americans for a company like true blue or people ready or labor ready being black you have 20 strikes against you anyway. the people that they hire comes straight out of Prejudice, America known all threw this land.
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  • Just allowed to descriminate
  • Thought i could get work for a day or two
  • Bad customer services
  • Sporadic receipt of pay
  • No that it they are organized in black balling you in anyway
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