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Just Energy - Harassment and trespassing

just energy has been coming to my house every couple of months for over 3 years even though I have complained to them. I have also complained to the ny consumer protection,bbb,ny attorney general to document they are breaking the law by tresspassing. I have documented everytime they have come to my home with a camcorder.I have even called the police on them the last 2 times they were at my door. the last time last week they would not leave my property when I asked them to several times.I felt threatened. I think I have more than enough documentation to hire an attorney for tresspassing, taking away the enjoyment of my home, tresspassing and other torts. I think anybody who reads this should also go to your city council meetings to complain in public. then when other people complain and show up at council meetings they will havt to do something to stop the harassment and the many people going through this can all make these same complaints. If enough complain something will be done. If enough lawsuits are won against them they will change their ways
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Give me a call at+134********


I'm in a poor neighborhood with many who don't speak much english. The representatives/ salesman gain entry passed a locked building door by calling any tenant or by waiting to have anyone let them in.

They go door to door here nearly every other week. Various salesmen have been to my door every couple of days!!! The first thing they say " Have you got your check from the state?" or "We need to verify the info on the back of your bill." or "You know National Grid owes it's customers money, as it's rates ARE going up." They are c all attempted hooks to get you to listen, supply personal info, and to get all of us to JUST take their prices without having us properly informed. They DO NOT leave a contact business card, nor leave you with written material for you to make an informed decision!

This is disturbing and to call them an employer makes me sick as I am sure these salesman are just doing as scripted for a rate with commission attached. I AM ROARING FOUL!

...and I am not all for National Grid either as their heating season practices are astronomically dubious and ridiculous. Not to mention they read meters by electronic hand helds from a car and do not actually check the electrical boxes, which makes it easier in huge tenant building for others to steal electricity that is in our names.

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Revival soy scammed me

in 2006 I signed up for something called revival soy. the deal was to try it for 30 days and if you don,t like it you send back the unused amount and you will not be charged. I emailed them and canceled and got a confirmation number and sent back the unused amount. they claimed they never got it. they claim they never got my 7 phone calls and tried to charge my credit card.If this is not an internet scam I do not know what is. they have put this bogus bill in a collectors hands and ruined my credit. beware
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Revival Soy is the best soy product I have ever eaten. It is NON GMO and you can just know from the years of quality products I have gotten from this company for literally 15 years that what they say on the outside of the package is exactly what is inside the package!

I have a shake everyday for breakfast-I use the hand blender like they sell on the site and just zip my shake up and go. It is the best tasting soy I have ever eaten AND IT IS A PATENTED BLEND so just my one serving gives me the isoflavones I would get in about 6 cups of soy milk. It helped me with my hot flashes-just knocked them right out, lowered my cholesterol, I lost weight AND my hair and nails-and skin started looking amazing again-not dried out as before. My nails were stronger and I could actually have a nail to polish again.

I could not believe it but then I saw on their site where they had done research showing how much Revival Soy helped skin hair and nails. It is just what my body needs in so many areas. I can't say enough good about Revival Soy.

It was the doctor that graduated from Johns Hopkins that formulated this product along with his mom when she was in menopause. If you want the best product, best value and best taste of any soy I highly recommend Revival Soy.


Bad information from Health Nut!

While a great deal of the US soy is Monsanto/GMO, Revival Soy IS NOT GMO! To quote you, "the information is out there".

I drank revival soy for years and it helped me lose weight, fantastic cholesterol levels, great bone density and helped improve breast cysts and pain greatly. Stopped it for a while due to finances, but now plan on getting it again to help with hot flashes.

BTW, it tastes just fine when I toss the powder in a blender with a banana, fat free yogurt and blueberries and a dash of cinnamon and a bit of coconut or almond milk (all organic and non GMO of course). This was my breakfast for years.

And as far as their auto ship plan, etc., they clearly spell out the terms. If you need to skip a month or two you can simply by emailing them. I have years of experience as a customer and never, ever experienced a single problem with them.

@Polly McGinty



YOU KNOW IT IS A 'PATENTED' BLEND-NOT ANOTHER ONE OUT THERE LIKE REVIVAL SOY. I KNOW if the 'health nut' that wrote the aggravated review had gotten the customer service department that is they would not have been displeased.


Am considering buying this product to help deal with menopausal hair loss. Has anyone experience any positive results after using?


This situation also happened to me in 2006. The company lied about what the deal really was.

All they wanted was a credit card number they could charge monthly so they could ship you their awful product. Beware!


I was part of that same promo and had NO problems. I think those on this site complaining did not read what the offer was.

I was very satisfied. I know everyone has different opinions but I felt i needed to post this comment in defense of the company that has always been 'exactly honest' with me and never charged me wrongly.


These are some of the best and most filling meal replacement bars I have eaten! Appreciate the 5 grams of fiber. I wish they had a rice based option, as well.


I drank Revival soy shakes for several years. Before starting Revival, my DXA scan showed I had osteopenia.

After a year of REvival, my DXA scan showed my bones had returned to normal. I quit it for a few years because of cost but am considering going back on it, especially if my DXA shows a decline in bone density.MhuxH


This product really upset my stomach, bloating, gas, irritable bowel, and tastes pretty terrible. I used it for a week, and at the end I dreaded my daily dose of chalk flavored smoothie. All that being said, I think it did help with my night sweats.


I have been using their products for years and have lost a significant amount of weight. Their shakes and bars are great and really taste great.

I love them!

When you factor that I use them for meal replacements it is a lot less than you would spend in the grocery store.

I know the Tabor's and it is totally unfounded to say that they are mean to their employees. They are very kind and giving family.

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