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Cra - Attempt at mail scam regarding false debt claim.

Received a pink letter from CRA 6860 Dallas Pkwy, Ste 200, Plano, TX 75024, 800-600-****, claiming that I had an "estimated creditor balance of $18,000 with a projected settlement offer of $10,260. I have no such debt and they claimed to have sent me a summer catalog and that they have extened my enrollment opportunity to 9-04-12 so they wanted me to call them immediately at their 800 phone number to take advantage of this program extension. They were diligent in selecting utilizing the emotional buzz words to trigger an immediate emotional response to want to contact them ASAP. Furthermore, there was language used to try to give credibility to this attempted false debt remediation by referencing the major credit bureaus by saying that upon clearance of said accounts, all of the major credit bureaus should be notified by your creditors that your debts have been satisfied and paid off for less than the balance owed. What was key to me that was not said was that there was no mention of once the debt was paid in full, that they would contact the three major credit bureaus to notify them that my false debt was completely paid off. Furthermore, there were no attachments of support documentation to give credibility to their false accusation. In other words, they did not say anywhere in the pink letter who the creditor that I allegedly had accrued this debt with. The pink letter just claimed that I owed this random amount to a creditor they could not even identify. They did considerately (please detect the sarcasm here) provide me with an installment payment amount of $392.00/month for an indefinite time period. I conducted a Google Search on the address in Plano, Texas, not the name CRA. My Google Search revealed that CRA not CRV is indeed not in Suite 200, it is a room in an eight-story building and has absolutely no indication of a business name related to room 200. I see no reason to trust this solicitation. It screams "SCAM."
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I received a similar letter and it is from CRV, which you state is the company's name. And the debt described in the letter IS my debt. So, I am trying to see if they can really help, and if when they say the major creditors will report that I paid off for less than I owe, if that affects my credit score at all.


they were very good to us


We had good experience with them


Received a letter stating I owed 35000.00 to an unknown creditor(s). We owed nothing to no one and the credit bureaus we contacted confirmed that.

This is a compete scam company. Do not call or contact this company and throw away any mail you receive from it.

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