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S Group Investments - Exercises to reduce double chin

Something that often accompanies the overweight and the passage of time is the gill. Is that the area between the neck and chin indicated functions as a trap to accumulate fat, so if your diet is not balanced, this area is likely to grow slowly without you noticing. Only one day and notice that dawn... Have a double chin! But take it calmly. Just as there are hundreds of exercises and routines to work throughout the body, there are exercises for the face and especially fitness tips to reduce double chin. Pay attention to the following facial gymnastics to achieve a smooth, taut skin under the chin. What is a double chin or double chin? But first understand this "problem" that often deteriorates aesthetics. Like I said, this mass of skin hanging under the jaw, and often gives the impression of being a second chin is but an accumulation of fat that can extend up around the neck, and while there are genetic factors stimulating the formation of jowls, in most cases is due to the overweight or the aging process. Stretching Gill This exercise will take a sort of effect on the gill ironing, since its main purpose is to stretch all that skin to readjust to the natural lines of the jaw and neck. Just lift your head as much as possible to put in tension the skin of the chin, while position yourself to kiss lips. Stay there for a few seconds, and returns to practice exercise routines between 5 and 10 reps a day. Jaw Exercise Position yourself with your back straight, and start practicing inhalations and exhalations through the nose, while you open and close the jaw, simulating the chewing process. After each exhalation of breath, open your mouth as possible, but not to a point that will generate pain. Later, you can help relax the jaw and oral cavity by placing the tongue on the jaw, behind the teeth. As always, repeat this fitness tips 5 to 10 times. Twist Collar In this case, in addition to reducing the double chin, this exercise for neck also lets you tone the muscles of the throat and relax your shoulders and neck stretch out same. To practice, you must position yourself comfortably with your back straight and shoulders aligned. Take a deep breath and begins to gently rotate the neck until a shoulder to the chin. Stay a few seconds there, and starts to drop your chin to your chest while you release the air content. Returns to hold that position, and turn the neck again to reach the other shoulder. This routine consists of 5 to 10 repetitions, being better do it calmly and with time, so it might take a few minutes its realization. Anyway, although these exercises are well suited to eliminate jowls or double chin, the best way to avoid this problem is to maintain a healthy diet with very low fat levels, you must remember that the accumulation of this is causing those ugly bags under the jaw.
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