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Oceanside Inn - Won't refund $170 when card was ran twice

I stayed at Oceanside Inn over Labor Day weekend of 2012 and wont stay there again. The owner has a "Not My Problem" attitude after she had issues with her phone line and ran my card twice and it deducted from my bank account twice. She said that she has 3 phone numbers coming into the same line and it must have been busy with a call trying to come in and it couldn't complete connecting the first time. Saturday morning I checked my bank balance and the transaction went through twice. I talked to the owner about it and she said she had not batched out and it would be a while before she could because the phone company was having to do some repairs. I checked my bank balance on Sunday and it still showed 2 transactions. I talked to the owner again and showed her on my computer that it was taken out twice AND it did NOT say "Pending". She said when she ran herbatch report, it showed only once and that it was my problem and I had to talk to my bank about it. I told her it WAS HER PROBLEM. She asked what did I want her to do about it. If she ran a credit, she would be out the money. I told her it was HER problem and she needed to talk to the company that handles her credit card transactions (I have filed a dispute with my bank now) to find out why it shows twice from my account. She wasn't around Monday when I checked out (you just drop the key in the door when you are leaving) so I couldn't talk to her more about it. She is now out of town and the person filling in doesn't have a way of contacting her until she returns on Friday. The room had mold in it especially around the shower. The floor between the toilet and the shower was soft and spongy (dry rot). Most of the plugs are two pronged (not grounded). One of the burners on the stove did not work (in fact, when I pulled it out, oe of the prongs was missing-no wonder it didn't work). They advertise Wi-Fi access. We had 2 phones and 3 computers and had to be next to the window to maybe get onto the Wi-Fi. Saturday night, I was on for a little while and it dropped and I could not get connected again. When I told this to the owner, she was trying to blame it on the phone internet connection and our devices. We told her it was the Wi-Fi not having a strong enough signal at all. She did admit that if you stay in Room 9 (downstairs), forget about Wi-Fi connection. The futon was not working properly. In the couch position, the back was still half way laying down. The light in the bedroom had rusting spots on it that is right over your head. The blinds would not pull all the way down to the bottom of the window sill and broken slats on some of the blinds.
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After a week, the owner did finally contact me and sent me a refund check. But she is having to deal with Oregon Justice of Department for false advertising (Wi-Fi access-NOT) and not fully functional stove.

She is also having to deal with BBB. She did not take care of the complain in a timely fashion

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