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Van Metre Woodland Park Apartments Horrible Beyond Compare

The upkeep and maintenance oof this place is slow at best and totally lacking at worst. It is unsafe, and they still have not fixed leaking roof and water stains after two years. I lost my job, but was not late more than a few times on my rent, and then not 30 days, open eviction notices on my door in 7 days after due date, in other words extra fees and charges after that to the tune of 500 plus dollars, even with arrangement made for payment, which was kept to the minute. I am a contract worker and with the economy and back in school, and a major illness, well in three years i was late with rent less than 8 times. Usually only by days. I always pre warned them about a contract issue etc. I always made arrangement and kept them. I have witnesses to this fact. My lease is non renewed for another year due to late payment, and the kicker is there are people in my building late every month for years. Male of course, no problem getting repairs done when he raises his voice, currently late by a months rent!!!!! Others brag they have not paid rent in three months, not evicted!! *** cooking in the apartment next to me, 6 months of non payment to get them out. Electric turned off, they plugged an extension cord outside the apratment!!!!!!! I got bugs from the leaking roof, had to throw all my food away, dear god this place is like living in ***, trash all over, broken dumpsters, double cannot park here or there but let the staff have a party, no parking for your guest that isnt half a mile or more away. This place descriminates and I have been yelled at for parking in my own driveway of the garage I pay for. I do not wish to move twice in a year, so I planned to deal for another 12 months, but because I had to get coding involved, suddenly my less than 30 days paid with hefty fees payments are reason to not renew. I wish I could post Pics and emails, Just look for yourself. Really look around, and especially look at building 13004 ELm tree drive. look at top floor ceilings. My garage has flooded from broken water heaters no less than three times in a year. Mine broke and flooded my kitchen, i stepped on the floor and fell. Ice and snow make it impossible to walk on sidewalks, i have had to crawl to my car, often until it is warm enough to melt on its own. DAYS after the storm. I have fallen and broken ribs, gotten a concussion, and lost a pregnancy. The staff smile and ar enicey to your face, and then talk about you behind your back to other residents. I do not think it is unreasonable to ask for a non leaking roof, that repairs are made like you expect me to pay my rent, and that in todays economic times a little bit of working with people who try is the norm.
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Long Beach, California