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Pattys Puppy Love Farm - Another Genetic Defective Puppy From Patty's Puppy Love Farm

We also purchased a genetically defective Weim puppy from Patty. As a result we were left with expensive veterinarian bills too. I contacted Patty and was advised she would not cover the vet bills and I even offered to fax her the vet records and she declined. I think it is repulsive for a breeder to be charging top dollar for a less than perfect family pet. How can she sleep at night knowing that she is ripping off innocent families and burdening us with expensive veterinarian bills? She is not a breeder but rather running a slimy puppy mill. Future buyers beware! Clayton, NC
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I would have to agree with the poster. Patty acts nice before you buy the dog, then afterwards if you have any issues she and her husband turn into cold, mean, money hungry individuals. DO NOT BUY from these people!


I concur with everything said by Highly Satisfied Customer and Defective?. We purchased a labradoodle from Patty and she went above and beyond to cater to our situation.

Our dog is perfectly healthy and is one of the most loving dogs I've ever witnessed in my 32 years of life.

I cannot recommend Patty enough if you want a great dog.


To anyone that has any concern about Patty's Puppy Love Farm, call Patty and go out and actually meet her and see her facilities. There is nothing about this place that is remotely close to a puppy mill and the person who wrote this post knows that.

Patty's takes such good care of her animals. I have purchased a Corgi from her and I absolutely adore my little doggy.

People have to understand that 100% of her dogs may not be healthy. Health issues in dogs are inevitable, just like with humans.

Just because something is wrong with the dog doesn't mean it had anything to do with Patty's care of the dog.

It makes me so angry to hear people call her place a Puppy Mill because it is far from that. We plan on buying another Corgi from Patty in the near future and I would highly suggest her to anyone who asks me.


I understand that when a puppy racks up big vet is infuriating! You expect the breeder to have the puppies checked out before selling them.

I also disagree with running puppy mills...or using dogs to make money. It's sick!

I however can't believe the way you are describing your beautiful new pet.

Your puppy may have some health issues, but is certainly not defective! Unless you plan on breeding or showing the dog the genetic issue should not be that big of a deal!

All pets are perfect...they will love you and be there for you no matter what. I think you complaining that your pet is not "perfect" is just disgusting!

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