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Sirs: Went to my local RadioShack in Lockport NY today to find a hookup cord that I had bought there before. After searching for a short period of time, I asked the young man for help finding what I needed (the store was empty) since he obviously was not going to ask me if I needed any assistance. He did not know the product line and after a half hearted short search started to grab various adapters to cobjob a cord together. I explained to him that I had recently bought the same cord there and was not interested in cobbing different adapters together. I told him that if they were out of them ok but he stated that he was looking and to not give him attitude. I told him to kiss off and that I would not shop there anymore because of HIS attitude and would report him to corporate, he said go ahead and I left rather agitated without further conversation As a combat vietnam veteran I insist on a certain amount of courtesy and respect especially from some young loser who obviously doesn't care about his job enough to give good customer service. RadioShack used to be the only place to shop for quality electronics and had people working there who knew what they were doing. I have shopped at the lockport RadioShack since the mid 1970's-but rest assured I will no longer be a customer and intend on giving website reviews on this incident
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One what cord were you looking for?

Two, luckily for you RS now offers a 10% military discount.

Three, I understand I wasn't tehre, and not doubting the kid was a brat, but attitude reflects both ways. ANd I am a firm believed in three sides to all stories.

My father was a vietnam vet himself and now owns his own business in which I also work for in sales department. Prior to that as a youngn, was a Manager at Radio Shack. You have lovers and haters, on both ends. Probably just a personality clash on either end. AND maybe the kid was as you said lazy and unwilling to help. Unfortunately with the newer generation is unlike the older generation, the ethic sucks. I'm approching thirty but raisd in a primarily military family. Some of these kids, and they are just that, just don't care--until they are fired-- but its not due to attitude, its usually due to theft or non performance.

With that, I understand your frustration and I'm sorry for your inconvenience. Rest assured, that isn't every store. So please don't nix the store all together.


As retail employees, veterans are the most laughable customers. They act like they deserve more respect than anyone else because they served in the military. And Heaven forbid you tell them they don't get a military discount. What...the money you get from the government isn't enough for you? LOL!

Newsflash: you don't get to treat people like *** because you're a veteran. *** off. I guarantee you the employee you're talking about doesn't give a *** if you come back or not.

On a final note, the employee makes minimum wage. Do you honestly expect him to care about his job anymore than some Burger King employee? RS doesn't care about their employees, so why should he care about the job?


What an entitled *** you are. Even by your own account, you come off as a ***.

You think you can treat everyone like *** because you're a vet? Think again.

If you can't treat everyone with the respect you want yourself, find *** in the ground to crawl into and never come out. Real veterans don't use their service as a means to act like a complete tool.

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