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McDonalds - What service

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Y'all are so defensive. Read it with a calm tone, and sipping green tea.

Thats what I was doing when I wrote it. I simply want people who have never worked in the fast food industry to understand,drive thru is for quick service. If you have a full family meal, it is very rude and inconsiderate to use the drive thru.

My whole issue wasn't the time, I was off, didn't care. It was a complete lack of any type of service.

Anytime an employee makes eye contact with a customer they should say hello. And when they are behind the register, a customer is right in front of them, they must acknowledge the customer.

Thats all I'm saying. Bad service is bad.

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I went to the McDonalds at Cave Springs Rd and Highway 70 for a McDouble. That's all I wanted. Just a $1 cheeseburger. So I pulled in the drive thru. Lady in front of me ordered over $20 in food. So I pulled out of the line and went inside. Walked up to the register, girl behind the counter looks at me, then walks away. I said, "HI! HOW ARE YOU?" to which she continued to ignore me and talk to another employee. wtf It's too much trouble to ask a paid employee to say "Hi, I'll be right with you?" *** McD's. And people, please, if you have more than a $10 order, go inside. You ruin the whole effect of drive thru when it takes them more than 2 min to get your order out. ***, Taco Bell gets 70 seconds from the moment you make your order, for it to be paid and handed out. So Stop being lazy and self-centered. Go inside.
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It is very said that you can't wait two minutes. Slow down buddy before you stroke out. Yes, she was rude but geesh, take a deep breath and relax.



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Mcdonalds Cheeseburger
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FedEx thinks everyday is opposite day.

I had a package shipped 2nd day air. It was suppose to ship out on Monday, August 27th 2012, so that it would arrive on my day off. (Wednesday) Instead they KEPT THE PACKAGE unitl Wednesday the 29th. Instead of receiving it on Friday the 31st, it stayed at their Earth City depot (10 minutes from my apartment) over the weekend. They "attempted" to deliver it on Monday while I was home asleep, and claimed I wasn't there. Yes, yes I was, and I was less than 20ft from the doorbell they didn't use. So I called them that afternoon and asked them to come back before 6pm. (I had to be at work at 7pm that night) Instead, they put it on the PM truck and sent it the next day, after 4pm. (That day I went to work at 3pm, so that was ***.) I called them again and told them I didn't receive my package, and they decided to return it as undeliverable. It's September 8th, and I still have no package. ...Use UPS. FedEx is retarded.
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never on time - yet at a premium price. FedEx's does not deliver.


catty, you obviously have had too much to drink. I know FedEx pays your bills, but that is no reason to get snippy.

read the complaint again, and see that FedEx failed to ship on time, failed to attempt delivery, and failed to listen when I called them and GAVE THEM MY SCHEDULE so they could find an appropriate time to deliver.

The BBB agrees with me, and have opened a case for me. Now, put down the wine, and go back to bed.


This is a goofy compaint...who held it until Wednesday? Your shipper?

Sounds like they did not pay for Saturday delivery so it would be delivered on Monday.Also how would anyone but you know what your work schedule is? Why not have it held for pick-up instead of all this *** Get real!!

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Quiktrip - QT just doesn't care.

I stopped at a Quick Trip station located close to my work (3886 Mexico Rd, St. Charles Mo, 63303) for a soda. Their 32oz plastic cups are branded with a fundraising effort, if you buy the cup, a portion of your money goes to the orginazation. I do not wish to support the orginazation, but they did not offer an alternative 32oz platic cup. This forced me to support an organization I didn't wish to support. I asked the female cashier if she has any standard 32oz plastic cups, and she gave me a look and attitue as if I was insane. Not friendly, not professional, and not going there ever again.
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What charity in particular did you find so offensive? What's a few pennies for any cause?

Really? Anally self indignant much?

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ASUS stole my mobo

I attempted to RMA a defective board (Case # 195****) I sent my board in for repair, they returned my mobo without fixing it and with with more problems. (Hard locks) I returned the board again, (Case # 199****) and they sent me a new board. That board wouldn't boot, so I sent it back, (case # 201****) They sent the last board 3 days late (shipped mine out of Monday, called to have them ship same day, they waited til Wednesday), had to wait for weekend, then FedEx needed a signature, and can't deliver when I'm home, even though I called them for 2 days to set up a time. Tracking #509147****48 ASUS tells me to call FedEx, FedEx tells me it's my fault I can't be here to sign, so I refused shipment. ASUS wont send me a board w/o a signature now. So ASUS wont send me another board and keeps dicking me around. They stole my mobo. I'll never have another ASUS product in my rigs.
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