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Baci and Farfalle - Item delivery will take twice as long as promised

This sounded like the best possible deal - a traveling lingerie store, perfect for my friend's bachelorette. Until we had to order things she liked, but weren't in her size. We were told 2-3 weeks for delivery, which was no biggie, considering the wedding was 6 weeks away. Now, 3 days before the wedding, the bride still doesn't have her wedding night lingerie, and it looks like she won't, as Marsha didn't believe me when I said today was the absolute cutoff for her to get it in time for the out-of-town wedding - she arranged for "overnight" delivery service for tomorrow, instead of personally delivering it as she'd previously offered. The worst part is that she's been entirely unhelpful, and truthfully defensive through the whole process, instead of helping to find a solution that would work - i.e. get the bride her lingerie before the wedding. A side note - I'd also ordered something for myself at the trunk show, and still haven't received it. I did, however, receive a cheerful message that she was planning to ship it yesterday - 5 1/2 weeks after I'd ordered it. My advice - don't book a trunk show with Baci & Farfalle if time is at all an issue.
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My entire experience with this company has been bad enough to cast serious doubt on the legitimacy of most of the positive reviews that I had read on any number of sites.

Though the website is terrible, the pieces themselves looked great and the price was certainly right. The tone of all the customer service text on the web seemed to mirror the reviews. However... what was sent was DEFINITELY not what was ordered. Not only was it completely the wrong size & of FAR inferior quality but it didn't even remotely resemble the item on the website. I immediately began attempting to contact them only to receive automatic responses that they were away on 'traditional' vacation.

I waited until after the supposed date of their return and contacted them again when I hadn't received a response. This time I did receive a very brief response giving me the excuse that their sizes had changed (though the website was still the same & the wrong sizes sent were clearly a match to the website), being told that one of the random non-matching items in the parcel was 'a gift' and asking for photographs of the items. I was assured that they would remedy the situation immediately if provided with photos of the items that I was supposed to receive (apparently the order number, item number & link to their webpage where I purchased it wasn't enough... I needed to email the picture off their website) and they requested photos of the items that I did receive for comparison.

I sent all of the requested photos and any other feasibly needed information from the original order the following day but received no response. I emailed again to no response... and again a short while later, only to receive another 'traditional vacation and returning next week' auto-response.

So it's possible some people writing these positive reviews have lucked out but it seems a lot more likely that the reviews have been placed to make this company seem far more legit than it actually is... right down to the frequent mentions of loving the 'free gifts' -- The customer service is nothing short of atrocious and in two months time, they've apparently only been 'in the office' for 2 weeks... during which they're also not responding to emails. So, long & short, it looks like another company posting pretty pictures of well crafted, steel boned corsets and then dropshipping random cheap 'made-in-china' goods in their place simply hoping that the majority of people can't be bothered to contact them over and over again for resolve, or will be appeased by 'free gifts' along with the poor imitation of the items that they were supposed to receive.

Don't be lured by the price & promise of quality customer service. It may cost you a bit more elsewhere but you're far more likely to get what you paid for. The handful of good reviews aside, there's a reason for the bad ones and a reason that they have an F rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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did you ever find a phone number for them i have not got my item either and im pissed

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