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Silverline Security- What a SCAM!!!

Do NOT get taken by this company. They are a shady crew. They are a little mom and pop company who try to sell themselves as a large and successful company. Everything they say and do is a LIE. The sales reps will tell you anything to make a sale. Make sure you READ the contract! The recruiters for this company will tell potential employers that they will make anywhere from $50-100 thousand for one summer of sales. BOGUS!! 99% of reps will make NOTHING at the end of the summer. The company withholds the majority of your sales commission until summer end, and they promise a huge payout then. Good luck collecting a dime!! Save yourself a summer of absolute MISERY and pass on this piece of shi* company. Potential customers: go with a company you can trust; one with a name that you have actually heard of. Just realize that these reps are going to tell you ANYTHING to make a sale. You don't need an alarm system, let alone from a shady, shady company such as this. SILVERLINE SECURITY= SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!!
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i do not work for this company...but i do work in the industry...salesmen get what they deserve in the end because they sell shaddy accounts. customers price is different because every house is different for equiptment.

when you buy your home from a real estate agent and they cut their commission in have does the rest of the neighborhood need to know or espect a discount on theirs too after the fact. i dont think so.

knocking doors is tough...selling cookie cutter accounts at the same price is near impossible. do yourself a favor just be happy..and adt is not cheaper...its the same or more with older equiptment most of the time.


I'm sorry skip you found out about my personal life. All of you will be happy though.

This is the last year we'll be in business. I'm also coming out of the closet to let everyone know yes I'm bi-sexual. Jason s. taught me I am.


I've scammed too many people to count and I give up.

I'm sorry for all the families I've affected. Good luck everyone finding a new employer.


After selling for the past 3 years for Silverline I have to say they suck so badly. They lied to me over and over.

Matt the owner just got arrested for having sex with a 12 year old girl.

Unreal lies with this company. I also heard Jason summers and Matt sit in the office and watch kid *** 6 hours per day.


The worst company to work for. They take honest reps and make them work all summer "

(with promises of earning money to help pay for school)

And when it comes time to get a check they say you owe them money. Silverline needs to be shut down. Matt Smith, Jason Summers, and everyone involved needs to be locked in jail. Complete shady guys. The only person who has helped me over the years is Adam Schanz.

Don't work with this company.


Silverline is a *** joke. The worst company I have ever worked for.


maybe if you guys were all smart you would'nt have this problem. do your research and look into a company before you purchase.

your all talking *** about these guys coming and giving you a joke when really your the ones who got sold. maybe we should start a blog on *** consumers we run into.


I feel everybody pain when it comes to this company. I got tricked into a 2 yr contract and when I canceled after the first year, a tech came to removed the system, which I was told that I owed.

Then I was charged a $200 cancellation fee, that I paid. Now I'm still getting billed for a system I don't own or have in my house.

When I call, all I get is the run around and then a dial tone. Some body need to shut this company down and refund all its customers and former customers its money.


This company is a joke. Nothing good comes from these people.

It's only a scam. From my understanding the company isn't even run by the owner, it's run by his 2nd in command because the owner doesn't care. The 2nd in command is all about collecting as much money as he possibly can and thats the reason you'll get a bad system like I did.

Greed. Steer clear of this company at all costs.


I signed a security monitoring contract with this company. What a mistake!

The sales rep promised me that my first 2 months of monitoring would be free - LIE#1. He told me that my monitoring would only be $34.99/month - LIE#2. He told me that I could cancel whenever - LIE#3. He told me that when I move, the alarm system would be moved at NO charge to me - LIE#4.

And he NEVER told me that I was agreeing to a 3 YEAR CONTRACT!!! That is insane! Who in their sane mind would sign up for any service for 3 long years??? That is straight ***!

AND- that *** salesman ran the social security numbers of everyone in my house in order to find someone's credit to use for the sale! He ran my husbands, mothers, fathers, brothers, and even my daughter's social security numbers! He told me they would only be used as emergency contacts, when really he was running all of their credit reports and scores. COMPLETELY UNETHICAL!

I have called and called and called this company multiple times in order to clear up these discrepancies- all to no avail!

The people who work for this company are rude, ignorant, uncaring, and unprofessional! I have NEVER seen anything like this!

This company is a SHAM!!! DO NOT do business with this company - save yourself a horrific NIGHTMARE!!!!


I purchased an alarm from a Silverline Security representative in July. The salesmen said that I was getting an alarm for $45 a month.

The salesman’s name was Todd Whittington. He was about 6’2”, brown hair, and heavy set. He should be selling used cars at one of those anyone can qualify lots. I had never heard of Silverline Security and it doesn't sound like many people have because they are a tiny company out of Salt Lake City, UT.

After a week I noticed a few Vector signs just like mine in the neighborhood. I went and talked to them and we were all paying different amounts for the exact same system! One was paying $34 and another $38. We were very upset, so all three of us called Silverline Security (Vector) in Salt Lake City.

I would have canceled but I was out of my three days that the company gives you to cancel. Now I have a 60 month contract that I can't get out of. The comment above called the company a "mom and pop" company. I think a more appropriate term would be lemonade stand.

Their customer service is horrible. My system doesn't work half of the time and if I call for service it takes 3 weeks to have someone come to my house. Take my advice and all of my neighbor's advice and go with a good reputable company like ADT. They say they have been in business for 5 years.

Their lemonade stand “customer service” acted like they opened yesterday.

Don’t get an alarm or do business with Silverline Security (Vector). Trust my neighbors and I, this lemonade stand is a joke!

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