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Motorola Customer Service - Outsourced to Non-English Speakers, No Help!

Update by user Nov 15, 2014

UPDATE: Received my upgraded Moto X Developer Edition phone Monday, November 3. Not sure at this point if I will deal with them again, but it's sad to say that about 95% of these companies outsource their call centers, so no matter what company you buy your phone from, you will have the same issues.

Update by user Oct 31, 2014

After posting my update this morning, I tried yet another online chat with Motorola repair service to see if I could find out the status of my warranty exchange phone. It didn't go well.

Rep's first response, within seconds of getting online with me today, was "you must be getting phone today". I asked for a tracking number - he said he didn't see one. So I asked how he knew I'd be getting the phone today - he replied "because it is the 5th day". So I told him I felt he was being dishonest with me and not even checking to see what the status was, and he backpedalled like mad, telling me I was still under the "3-5 day warranty exchange period" and that he didn't know when I would get my phone.

When I told him I didn't appreciate his handling of the situation, nor did I like being lied to, he told me to have a nice day and disconnected.

I followed up with a phone call to the "repair team", and spoke to "Oscar" there - he was by far more helpful than any other Motorola rep I've spoken to thus far. He checked the status of my warranty exchange, informed me that the Moto G was out of stock, and I could either wait for it to come back into stock (which he couldn't guarantee the date or even provide an estimated date that would happen), or I could opt for a FREE upgrade - no charge to me, just compensation for my inconvenience. He put me on hold for a few moments, came back and offered an upgrade to the Moto X, and said I should receive an email with the tracking number for my order "shortly" and would receive the phone within 48-72 hours.

No email with the tracking number yet, but it's only been about 20 minutes. I'm still holding out hope that this might actually turn out ok....

Update by user Oct 31, 2014

Update 10/31/14: As of today, I have received exactly ONE email from Motorola saying they have received my phone, but no further updates.


Weds 10/22: Contacted Motorola about defective phone, was assured a FedEx label would be emailed to me immediately so I could return the phone for a warranty exchange.

Thurs 10/23: Still no label received. Did an online chat w/Motorola - discovered they entered my email address incorrectly in their system, so I didn't receive the label. Assured me I would have one within 24 hours.

Fri 10/24: Received label, shipped phone via FedEx.

Mon 10/27 10:16am: Motorola receives phone (per FedEx tracking) Tues 10/28 (night): No word from Motorola - I do an online chat, spend 30 minutes attempting to explain to rep that all I want is a status update on my phone, since they obviously received it. Rep repeatedly tells me that it takes 3-5 days to get my phone back, which I already know - I just want a status update on where it is in the process - which apparently, no one knows. Give up in frustration. Receive an email from the Motorola rep 5 minutes later, telling me they're sorry, but they don't have the ability to tell me the status of my phone and that I should refer to the Motorola tracking website, which only tells me that they have received it, nothing else.

Weds 10/29 | Thurs 10/30 | Fri 10/31 - NOTHING from Motorola. If warranty return and exchange takes 3-5 days from the date they received the phone (Monday 10/27), I should have heard *something* by now, even if it's just an update that they have completed the checks on my phone, confirmed it's defective and are preparing a new one for shipment. I've heard nothing.

Will update when this situation is resolved. I suspect it may actually be 10 or more business days before I get my phone.

Original review posted by user Oct 28, 2014
I just spent 30 minutes on live chat with 2 different reps from Motorola, obviously from another country since they were using words incorrectly - and I've had the same experience on the phone with them. The language barrier is incredible. You have to repeat things three times for them to get it once. I've been trying to get a warranty exchange for my phone since last Wednesday, since my Moto G smartphone suddenly stopped working and is still under warranty. It's been a nightmare. They entered my email address incorrectly in the system, despite my spelling it out to them 3x, so I didn't receive the FedEx shipping label via email until 3 days had passed, so I called - they assured me they were sending another one. Another day passed and I still didnt' get it so I finally got on live chat with them and asked about it - found out they entered my email wrong, so got that fixed and received the label. Sent my phone out Friday, confirmed they received it Monday via the FedEx tracking # - so I got on live chat again today (Tuesday) to make sure my return was being processed. Spent 30 minutes bouncing between 2 different reps - neither of which understood that I simply wanted an update on the status of my return - they spent 10-15 minutes putting me on hold while they "looked this up" - only to come back and spit out a scripted response telling me how long it would take for my warranty exchange to be processed. I explained I knew that already - I just wanted to know what the status was - so then they asked if I wanted to know if my phone had been received - no, I said - I wanted status on the shipment of the warranty exchange, because I knew from the tracking number that they had received my damaged phone - so then they regurgitated the scripted response again about how long it would take - word for word. I finally got so frustrated that I disconnected. My next phone will NOT be from Motorola. I realize many companies outsource to overseas call centers but this is a prime example of why that is a BAD idea....I'm worried now that I may never get my phone back, despite their broken English reassurances that "Here in Motorola, we care your satisfaction".
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Behr 3-in-1 Paint w/Primer - CAVEAT EMPTOR!

Behr 3-in-1 Paint w/Primer - CAVEAT EMPTOR!
I spent quite some time looking at various paints to use for our home remodel project. After having dark wood paneling on the walls for 40+ years, it was time for a change. I could have gone with a cheaper paint, but knowing the age of the paint under the paneling,...
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Behr is actually an ok paint, in certain applications. Sure, if given the choice between Behr, and Bennie Moore/Sherwin Williams, at the same cost, I'd take either of the latter.

BUT, if you were just painting a regular old wall (no special issues), Behr is available at any HD store and can easily be purchased by the budget-conscious homeowner (no trips to a specialized paint store are necessary). I've been a painter for almost thirty years, and in your case I would have gone for the least expensive of these options: An oil based stain blocker (such as Killz, although I prefer Bulls Eye by Zinsser - Rustoleum owned ), a shellac/alcohol-based primer (most expensive option - BIN by Zinsser is usually regarded by us painters as the best stain blocker on the market, but is about $50/gal), or a latex-based "Gripping Primer" (I like Gripper, by Glidden/$22 a gal. - used to be called AquaGrip I believe). As a homeowner myself, I would have painted a small section with the Glidden Gripper and waited a couple weeks (to see if there was bleed through) before painting the entire wall/room (latex is easier to clean up and has less fumes).

As a professional (painting in your house), I might not have that option, so I would have used the BIN Primer (because it's alcohol based, it does smell, but the smell dissipates very quickly (and I know it works!) ... Jeff C.

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Behr Paint
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Byrider - Worst Marketing Policy Ever...Failed Marketing 101, Apparently!

We were listed as references for someone who purchased a car from JD Byrider in Grand Rapids, MI. 2 weeks after he purchased the car, we started getting marketing calls - did I want to buy a quality used car? No. Please take me off your list. 10 minutes later - call for my elderly mother - did SHE want to buy a quality used car? NO - take us off your list. 5 days later, the same 2 phone calls again - this time I let them have it and told them just because I was a reference for someone, does NOT mean I want to be contacted by their telemarketers! Today, I got ANOTHER call from them...but they realized their mistake and hung up as soon as I answered. Too late. I reported them to the Federal Do Not Call list, because I have asked them twice to stop calling. Someone needs to retake the Marketing and Sales 101 course. You don't add someone to your list without their permission, and if they ask you to stop contacting them, you stop immediately - not after 3 more calls. Do they really think repeated calls make me want to buy?? Idiots.
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Your experience has reinforced my decision to run from this company! Never would want my choices to result in harassment of friends/family. Thank you for posting this.

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Grand Rapids, Michigan
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Home Shopping Network (HSN) & Nextbook Tablet

I purchased a Nextbook Tablet computer from in March of 2012. Just after the 30-day mark, this product became non-functioning to the point that it can now only be used as a glorified alarm clock - the only thing it actually does reasonably well. Web browsing is unreliable, slow, and shuts down unpredictably, returning to the tablet's home screen. It does NOT run Android apps, but instead uses something called "GetJar", which offers only cut-rate apps, many of which don't even run on the tablet. You cannot use it to watch movies, and even the main function it is SUPPOSED to be used for - reading books - is nearly impossible. It doesn't support any of the major eBook formats - only its own, very limited library. Emails are another issue entirely. I have 3 email accounts I need to check regularly, and one of them has several hundred emails stored in folders outside the inbox. When I attempt to open my other 2 email accounts, they update normally - but this 3rd email account acts as if someone dumped the entire contents of those folders into the inbox - there are no recent emails, only pages and pages of old ones from the storage folders. I contacted HSN about returning this item, and was told that because I did not return it within 30 days, I would have to contact the manufacturer - NextbookUSA - and that "they'd be happy to help me at Nextbook". I asked about the FlexPay payments I was making on this item ($200) - and was told that I would have to continue paying them while I dealt with the return of the item. So I would be stuck paying for a non-functioning item. I checked the NextbookUSA website - and regarding returns, it said that they would only accept products purchased directly from their site - and only if returned within 15 days. (Are you kidding me?? That has to be the worst possible return policy I've ever seen, short of simply saying "no returns".) So, back to HSN, only to be told, yet again, that they were so sorry about my experience, but they couldn't take it back, and I would be responsible for the remaining payments - and that they hoped I would give them another opportunity to serve me. I don't think so. I'll buy from anywhere *but* HSN in the future. I did receive a follow-up email from someone else at HSN shortly ago, stating that my input was important and that they were forwarding it to the "appropriate department", but frankly, I don't hold out much hope for a solution - more likely just more emails telling me how sorry they are that they can't let me return the defective product they sold me that the product's own manufacturer won't provide support for.
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This are all lies . I have the same Nextbook and even tho it is not a top rate tablet .

It does have the Nook app , I have downloaded the Kindle app from and Getjar is an Android app store and was advertized when I bought it from HSN having Getjar instead of Google play . You need to tell the truth when you right a remark like yours and do your homework before purchasing .

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Breckenridge, Michigan