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Radio Shack is extremely horrible in providing good service

I ordered the phone and paid for overnight delivery, but it took 3 weeks for the phone to get to me ( even though it was in stock). I do not recommend radio shack to anybody! When I called to cancel the order, rep told me that it is impossible to cancel it ?! So i had to wait 3 weeks. They don't have access to all the wireless plans and their employees on the phone seem not to care at all. Even though Radio Shack does post so many ads on TV right now, please save yourself some time and sanity and get from the store. PS when i asked them at least to cancel the fee for overnight shipment, they simply refused by saying they cannot.
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So you can go into the store to pick up a phone that you have shipped there but you can't go into the store to actually buy it? Because you're disabled. M'kay. That makes no *** sense, ***. If you cannot walk, why did you not have it shipped directly to your house? Unfortunately for you Stanford doesn't have a degree in "Common Sense".

I would think a graduate of Stanford could afford the miniscule shipping charge that you saved by having it shipped to the store vs. having it shipped to your house.

If RS employees are so mean, uneducated, blah, blah, then why are you buying stuff from them, Holy Stanford Graduate/Entitled Disabled Customer?


Thank you for calling me lazy, but I'm not lazy, I'm sick and I have to stay in bed for another couple of months-that's the reason why I was so "lazy" not to go to the store. I simply cannot walk.

You should be ashamed of yourself of offending people like me.I have Master's Degree in Math from Stanford,so if there was a way for me to go, believe me I would have done this.

Another reason why I will not go to the store is because you sound the same way as all sales reps in Radio Shack do: uneducated, ignorant, single minded, unprofessional, mean and disrespectful. FYI, in case you did not go to school, it's very mean to call a disabled person lazy...


ONe, I'm sorry that you were ill and suffering. I too suffer a lot with a few automimmune disorders. Lupus and UC.

Two, it doesn't matter what the education level you have but commend you for all your work and congradulate you on achieving success. Although, maybe not in your case, a lot of book smart people are not common sense smart, and vice versa.

Three, while going to school myself, I managed a radio shack. Not everyone is uneducated, ignorant, unprofessional, etc, etc. I understand you had "a bad experience" but your frustration is only exasperated through your experience. Understood.

My question is if your item wasn't delivered overnight, did you try calling at least within 48-72 hours at least to find a status of delivery? And still a little confused as to what you had to wait three weeks for? To return the item or for the item to be shipped to you? The only reason I question is not to be disrespectful or fire back with nasty replies, simply because the stores have a 30 day return policy, to wait three weeks to return the item doesn't sound right. Nor does an overnight shipment taking three weeks. You definetely shold have had no problem canceling the overnight shipment and change it to ground. Obviosuly what's done is done, but I'm speaking from experience and trying to ease the tension a bit, not sway you back but if I understand and help you understand than so be it.

Hope all is well since your post.


I'm so sure that overnight shipping took three weeks. Because that's totally believable and everything. *rolls eyes*

You could've walked your lazy behind into a Radio Shack STORE and walked your lazy behind out of the store with the phone without having to pay shipping charges, all the while having a RS associate set the phone up for you, transfer your contacts and pictures (if desired), and answer any questions you may have had.

PS =/= Radio Shack the company when it comes to cellphones. Just an FYI. The phones are always either the same price or cheaper in the store. IOW they don't come from the same place. I hate to break it to you, but Radio Shack didn't see a red cent from your purchase. It makes no sense to buy a phone online, whether it's from Radio Shack, Walmart, Best Buy, or directly from the carrier. GO INSIDE A STORE. It saves time (not waiting for shipping) and saves money (at the very least you won't have to pay shipping charges). I would think you would like saving money since lazy people are usually cheap, too.

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