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Bens Cabin - Ben's Cabin on Madeline Island Stole My Money

Buyer beware - Rent Madeline Island Lodging (AKA Ben's Cabin) at your own risk. Ben Ryder and his Father Jim Ryder scammed my wife and I out of $525 for lodging that was scheduled FOR OUR HONEYMOON. I found his site through the Madeline Island Chamber of Commerce site. When I called he informed me I would receive a discount if I sent a check prior to checking in. He cashed it and did not give us a place to stay. We had to fork out another $695 last minute. The police said he has also done this to 4 others in the past few months and another after us. Do not send this crook money.
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There was a crooked Ben, and he walked a crooked mile,

He found a trusting Manny and he cracked a crooked smile,

He stole the Manny's money meant for a honeymoon on an isle;

He bought a crooked cat which caught a crooked mouse,

And they all lived together in a little crooked house.


Ben bad man


Ben's cabin sucking peoples money? No problem!

Get some cheap terrorist from youknowwhere to blow that place up (& blow themselves up too)& we're done!

KABOOM! bye2 ben!


What a heartless meany! He will never get by in life by stealing and taking shortcuts.

He has it coming! Karma will kick him to the curb!!


You reap what you sow so now feel the wrath of the Tre-minator


Manny (and your new wife),

I will do my best to spread the message regarding this injustice. I'm disheartened to hear your honeymoon started off so poorly, but at least you both have each other to lean on for these exact types of trials life sends our way.

F*&k Ben's Cabin, and the horse it probably stole to ride in on.



You reap what you sow. I hope he loses a lot of business from this and you get your money back. He didn't know what he was starting.


What a loser! This is absolutely disgusting.

This couple definitely needs to be reimbursed and then some!

It's really sad that there are people like this. *** Shut that place doooown!


You need to get $ back pluss HUGE pain and suffering!! I think $3,000 might cover it!! :(


What a turdass I reall hope you guys get his figured out. I hope those guys have trouble sleeping at night.

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