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Dog training by ron williams or Williams Dog Training Academy

Williams Dog Training #531752
I brought my dog to Ron Williams dog training last year. My dog wasn't fed properly. He was peeing all over the house when I got him home. He was starving and couldnt' even follow basic command. He became terrified of men – and when I picked up my dog I witnessed Ron hit my dog in the head right in front of me. I know this isn't how you train a dog. Today, August 21, 2012 Ron Williams was convicted of horrific animal abuse charges including death or torment of an animal – this is beyond serious at this point. Today, August 21 in Wildwood Court in NJ Ron Williams the supposed dog trainer of williams dog training academy and ron williams dog trainning was convicted in court for public knowledge of all charges brought to him. he is now a convicted animal abuser - please please please don't take your animal here.
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