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Comcast strikes again

We all know about the government mandated digitization of the local OTA broadcasters, and that's okay, we know. Now I have these DTA boxes on my sets, because if I didn't I would have no TV. I went to my local COMCAST SERVICE CENTER, and told the lady behind the counter, the person that represents COMCAST, and is there to provide accurate information to the loyal fee paying customer (me). The conversation went like this: (me) Hi, I need a couple of DTA boxes. (her) How many TV's do you have? (me) 2, but I also have a Series 2 TIVO with a lifetime contract that I would like to continue to use, at least until my contract expires..... (ha ha ha) (her) dead stare,.... The TIVO should still work. (me) I read that I should come here to get a 'CARD' for the TIVO. (her) the TIVO should work with the DTA box. I came home with the 2 DTA boxes. I set both boxes up and call to activate. I did this from my living room on the automated system (big mistake) and of course, the TIVO does not work. I hit ZERO and get a live agent. Better than that, she was in the United States, so the language barrier was gone. She confirmed that the TIVO will NOT work, and I do not need a card, but I need a SET TOP BOX for 8.95 a month. Then I said fine... let's activate the other TV and we'll be done for now..... We activate, and she says, it may take up to 15 minutes to kick in, and to just leave the set on and do nothing. That conversation was was @ 5:18pm yesterday. Here it is 10:10am, still not working. Now my big job today is, DirectTV or DISH.
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Hey Ramon, if the only thing that is working is chinnagg the channel, then it did not get programmed. Try it again and make sure to go through Step #5 nice and easy.

Sometimes you can go too fast and by the time you realize the TV has turned off you’ve already pressed the “+” button an extra time. Cait, who replied above, said it took a few tries as well.

Let me know how it turns out for you. If you still have trouble, leave another reply and I’ll try to help you.

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