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Do not go to aspen.

Aspen Dental #1800771
your case actually MIGHT have a chance. Others have suffered without compensation, but yours sounds serious enough at least for your dental board to take a look. Please file a complaint with them, AND contact an attorney asap!!! GOOD sorry for your pain. Aspen Dental can only find incompetent (OR NAIVE) people to work there since their reputation is in the toilet with REAL dental professionals.
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I am certainly glad I read these reviews! I was about to have 5 teeth extracted and get dentures, it is safe to say Aspen 'will not' be the ones I do business with. I was nervous enough about this as it was, but after reading these reviews, FORGET ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!
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Run away fast

Aspen Dental #1800768
They will never allow you to win. They are criminals that get away with their crimes. NOBODY can stop them. They continue to hurt people by their deceptive ads.
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