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Where to begin... After having slow internet speed with Verizon in my husband and I's first home we decided to transfer to Comcast. I believe this was the biggest mistake we could have made! We have had Comcast for a little over a month now. For some reason, all of the cable lines running to our home were cut so Comcast had to fix the problem before we could get internet. In one week, we had scheduled for three different technicians to come to our home. Well, the first appointment was missed, so we called that day after the scheduled time.. We were told that they had cancelled our appointment and rescheduled it WITHOUT TELLING US! So we waited about 3 days later for our second appointment.. No one showed. We waited a couple hours past our appointment time and finally someone showed, however he was not doing what he was scheduled to do! We called Comcast and told them of our problem that the technician did not know how the first appointment was missed and so he was working on preparing us for the third appointment instead of the second. They told us that they were at fault for not communicating to that technician. Finally the third appointment day came, and no one showed! We were so frustrated at this point that we called and spoke to the highest person up about what all has happened and demanded for their Comcast Customer Guarantee ($20 for each missed appointment) and she said that $60 would be given to us and deducted from our bills. Being a little satisfied after that phone call we waited about one more week until the last technician could come out and fix everyone's problems. This man was very disappointed with our service so far and therefore did more than what he was supposed to do and admitted that Comcast has horrible communication with their technicians. So, for about two or three weeks we had fantastic wireless internet speed until about a week and a half ago our internet speed has been incredibly slow. We have made several (9) phone calls to Comcast and every person reset our modem and told us that they do not know how else to help. Finally, we demanded for a technician to come out and check our end of everything. When he came out he stayed for about an hour and a half checking to make sure that nothing wrong was coming from us. He checked both of our computers, our router, and our modem. He even gave us a brand new modem for free just to ensure that nothing was wrong on our end! When he left he stated that the IT department that Comcast works with created the problem and he sent in a ticket that would be corrected within the next 24 hours... Well, here we are 72 hours later with incredibly slow internet. For about a week and a half we have had a download speed of between 0.08-0.26 (when we are paying for 24.0) and an upload speed of 4.5 (when we are paying for between 3-4). After the 24 hours was up, we called Comcast and was forwarded to the IT department who was supposed to fix the problem they created. From India (where the IT department was based out of) we were told that they needed the right to charge us in order to discover where the problem is. I could have screamed! Both my husband and I had to talk to the IT department, who was very rude and inconsiderate. He said they saw the problem but the fact that we called him was because that we had the problem that they had to fix. We very politely told him that we were told that they created the problem and therefore we should not be charged for them to fix the problem that they created. After being interrupted many times from this man we asked him to forward us to the highest possible person with Comcast. We were sent to the automatic voice when you call Comcast at the very beginning without the man saying a word to us before he left. We called one last time and they said that they would send out a technician... to do the same thing that was done 72 hours ago.. Oh! and the $60, guaranteed by a higher up at Comcast and the Comcast Customer Guarantee, was still never given to us... almost two months later. We cannot deal with this any longer, especially given that our college courses start in only four days! We won't even be able to download our class lectures with this horrible service. It is time to cancel service with Comcast NOW.
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