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Bommarito mazda south played shell game selling cars

Avoid the Mazda South dealership at all costs! They are not to be trusted. Every time the salesman took our negotiations back to get the managers approval he would come back with a counter offer...but "forget" to tell us he had dropped some of the options. He played this game all thru the negotiations. He even "accidentally changed our 7 year warruntee to a 6 year when the paperwork went to finance. After the deal was done we discovered it was not for the car we wanted. He had given us a car with the features we wanted to test drive, but when we told him it was the wrong color he said he had one just like it in the color we wanted. It was only the next day when we discovered that it was missing a package that the test car had. They also take your keys to check your trade-in and good luck getting those back! We told them 4 times that we had to leave but they kept delaying until they wore us down. They also told us that to get the best deal that we had to sign that night...and they could get us 1.9% financing...too bad they forgot to tell us that the next day they would be offering 0%! In short....RUN AWAY!
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Why the heck did you want to buy a warranty? Mazdas are good cars.

If you take reasonably decent care of it you don't need one.

This guy saw you for a sucker, true, especially if he was trying to hold onto keys. Also sounds like you wanted more car than you could afford.


So what are you saying? He should not tell the rest of us about the way they treated him?

If you believe that why are you even on this site? I am glad he told me because we are going car shopping this weekend and will now avoid this place and all the Bonnmarito dealerships.


the minute they made you uncomfortable by keeping you there, then changing the agreed upon warranty that should have told you something. THEY CANT BE TRUSTED, so its your fault for signing the paperwork, complaining after the fact will not change anything. you had the right to walk out @ the first sign of dishonesty

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