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I brought my car in to Five Towns Nissan on Thursday, 10/9/08 for both service and a problem I have had with my car for FOUR years - when I go to put the driver front side automatic window up it pops back down. The only way I figured to get the window to stay up is by "inching" it up a little at a time (which does not always work). On 10/9/08, I sat for 3 1/2 hours waiting for my car. Please note that I brought the car in regarding the window problem on 11/24/04 this problem was corrected. Then the same problem happened and I brought it again to Five Towns Nissan on 5/19/05, it was corrected. AGAIN, I had the SAME problem - brought it AGAIN to Five Town Nissan on 6/21/07, it was corrected and YET AGAIN THE SAME PROBLEM and brought it back to Five Towns Nissan on 10/9/08. I told my advisor Louis that I was tired of it, obviously after all this time the problem itself has not been fixed and that there must be some kind of defect and that I should not have to pay for this problem again. Louis spoke to the service manager, Alex, to which he said, "Sorry." I asked numerous times to personally speak to Alex the service manager on this day to which Louis came back and said, "Alex is too busy to speak with you." I replied that "I have been sitting here for 3 1/2 hours and he cannot speak with a customer for 1 minute?" Louis came back and said "No he canot." I said I was going to take this to the "higher ups" if I was unable to speak to the manager and apparently they did not care! I paid good money for a brand new car and pay good money every several months when I bring my car in for service and this is the way I am treated??!!! Very unprofessional!!!! I left without my window being fixed and, I am VERY unhappy. Doubt I will ever buy a Nissan Car again! (note: I also filed a complaint with the BBB, Consumer Affairs and
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I went there to buy a Nissan commercial van.I negiated a sticker cash price of approx. 27000 for the van before they started adding nonsense fees like dealer prep fee and another fee I cant remember totaling a little over 1000( dealer prep fee my foor...the tray liner was dirty and the tpms was on when I drove off with ot bc the 2 back tires had not been inflated properly....I ended up paying apprx 46000 for this van and they didn't even thrown in a full tank of gas) when we went to do the financing the total came up to apprx 46000 with a payment of almost 600 a mth......I started to inquire y....the finance guy is telling us we only put own 5000 when we had our receipts we put down 9900 CASH.

so after that was cleared up and the payments dropped by almost a 100 the price was still 46000...they added on over 8000 in warranies that we had to get if we wanted the new van or if we took interest alone price with no warranties we would still be paying the same amount in less time with penalty fees etc.....even with an interest rate of 4.99 there were so many hidden fees and nonsense but it was after 10 in the night and my wife and I were very tired at that point so we just accepted the offer.

I bought a NEW Nissan sentra from NISSAN OF QUEENS 2 yrs ago and was thoroughly satisfied with them and even paid the car off in 2 yrs with them and was very very happy with that dealership....only reason I didn't go there is bc they didn't sell the Nissan commercial vans. I feel in my heart I got robbed and duped by this dealership.....I would not recommend to anyone


STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!!! Deceptive practices, the sales people and sales managers "play dumb".

The employees that work there, do not look like decent people. I am used to going to a dealership where the people look polished and professional. A few of these sale people look like high school drop outs , ex cons and strippers. I truly did not feel comfortable handing over my credit and financial information.

Be very careful of this place- that whole "Burnside ave" strip is notorious for criminal activity at the dealership.

They shut down like four over there. My co worker and I actually wanted to purchase vehicles there, but we decided to go to another dealership----Five Towns Nissan wins the Shady Award!!


@ Jessica Colon - good to know!!! Actually after getting in touch with BBB and Nissan Headquarters, they did do right by me!

However, I should have never went thru this in the first place as it showed poor business practice and sure enough to drive people away from Nissan in the future. So, under new ownership - does that mean service will be improved?

(as sales and service are two different departments and my problem was with service at the time.). ;)


Terribly sorry about your first experience but we are under new owner ship since July 2011 Our mission at Nissan at Five Towns Nissan is to provide you, our customer, with the best product and the best automotive value. Our trained sales professionals promise to provide prompt, precise service in a friendly atmosphere. We wish to exceed your expectations and earn your business for life.


They robbed me too, sitting around, they changed the contract on me, and have me paying 30,000 bucks for a 8,000 car.

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