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Pillar Communities Corp the Heartless Property Management Company

Update by user Nov 13, 2016

This issue has not been resolved.

Pillar's Attorney told me that he did not recognize what the Arizona Rental Laws say about Domestic Violence Survivors as being valid when I spoke with him on the phone. I offered to meet with him and Pillar to bring in government proof (because I'm a veteran)of my domestic violence status as well as proof of my PTSD and other conditions and he said no.

I then offered to make a payment arrangement just so I could be mentally free of this issue because in the past I spent a lot of time in therapy and I felt it was necessary for my healing process to see those who filed the false collection claim and also did nothing to help me when I was going through that ordeal and Pillar's Attorney said no. I have gone above and beyond trying to resolve this issue and Pillar has done nothing just like when I was being terrorized on the property they were managing.

Domestic Violence Survivors are only required to give a 30 day notice.

This very same information was submitted to Pillar and TransUnion in my dispute claim and I tried to send it to their Attorney's office,but was repeatedly given a bogus email address. I have since filed a complaint with the Arizona Attorney General Office and waiting for a response.

Update by user Oct 15, 2016

I would like Pillar Communities Corporation to know that I am so tired of having to relive what happened to me while renting an apartment at their N. Scottsdale Rd apt community!

I have been disputing their false collection claims for over 2 years now! I DO NOT owe them any back rent of any kind because my rent was PAID IN FULL UP TO THE POINT WHERE I GAVE A 30 DAY NOTICE TO MOVE AFTER NOT BEING ABLE TO TAKE IT(what was happening to me on the property they were managing) ANYMORE! The fact that they are trying to falsely collect money from me is a very clear statement to the State of Arizona and it's laws and regulations in regards to the rights of Domestic Violence Survivors and apartment rental agreements. DMS's are only required by Arizona State Law to give a 30 day notice to move and that is exactly what I did after trying unsuccessfully to get help from the paid staff in the management office that were Pillar Communities Corporation employees.

I also contacted my local police department and the Phoenix Veterans Administration because I am a veteran.

You know it's time to move when an officer of the law suggests that you move so I gave my 30 notice and got the *** off of the property! What they are doing to me is a perfect example of a victim being victimized.

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I had a terrible experience there in 2014 at the N Scottsdale Rd apartment community. I'm a domestic Violence survivor and after living there for a few months someone started terrorizing and possibly stalking me anonymously almost everyday for weeks. The staff that were there at the time treated me horribly when I brought what was happening to me to their attention, one of the men that worked in the office stood inches from my face and threatened me if I didn't leave the management office when I went in to pick up a package during the time all this was happening to me. Under the Arizona Rental Laws for Domestic Violence Survivors you can terminate your lease early by giving 30 days notice which I did and for over 2 years now I have been disputing false collection claims by Pillar Communities. Not only was I a victim of an anonymous harasser while on that property, but I was also victimized by the management office staff who also laugh at me when I would go into the office crying and scared. What made the whole thing extremely frightening was fact that I was NEW TO ARIZONA from out of state and didn't really know anyone here. So I had every right to be very afraid and give my notice and move. I was told that the property probably turned on me to protect their property's reputation at the expense of my safety.
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To Whom It May Concern: I have been extremely stressed over this issue and also fearful because I feel that I am stuck.A few months ago I selected Great American Van lines to be my relocation mover of choice. The movers were to arrive at my old home on August 1st, but about two week before the move date when I did not hear from anyone I contacted a woman named Maggie to find out what time to expect the truck to be there on the first and was shocked to find out that I had to wait until the day before they were to be there to find out what time they would be there. On the day of August 1st, I contacted Great American and spoke to someone in dispatch who told me that they would call me by no later than 5pm that day with the time the movers where to be there, but did not get a phone call from them, I ended up calling them and spoke to someone by the name of Tony who told me that the movers would be there between 4pm and 5pm, on August 1st. On the day of August 1st, at about 20 minutes to 4pm I received a call and it was from someone telling me "we will see you tomorrow between 9-12" no apologizes no sorry, no nothing. I said to the person, no you are supposed to be here today between 4 and 5pm and he yelled at me and said "No you are scheduled for tomorrow not today, we will see you tomorrow". I then began to tell him how this move had been scheduled months in advance and how this was a problem for me because I had already scheduled and paid in full for my airline ticket and hotel and that I was supposed to be out of the apartment by today and he began to laugh. I asked him to let me speak to his supervisor and his first response was that he was the supervisor (later found out that he was just the truck driver), so I asked to speak to someone over him because this was costing me money that I did not have and that it was going to cost me $150.00, to change my flight and he laughed again and said that there was no one else that I could speak too. I then asked to speak the Tony who had been the one to setup the time of pickup for the movers and was told that he did not know of any Tony. I eventually got off the phone with the person I was speaking with still laughing at my distress and called into Great American and tried to reach Tony and ended up speaking with Maggie who said she would see what she could find out. It eventually ended that day with me telling Maggie about my conversation with whoever that was that had called me and her offering to deduct $150.00, from my moving estimate. Maggie sent me an updated estimate minus the $150.00 along with a new amount that my initial postal money order should be for to hand to the movers when they arrived which was something like $782.72. I told Maggie that I would have to go to the Post Office to cash in the original money order to change the amount and then get another one in the new amount. I told her that I would not be able to do this until 8:30am when the post office would be open. The next morning the movers showed up a little after 8am and where not supposed to be there until between 9am and 12pm, I wonder why that was! I know this because I received a phone call from the same man who was just laughing at me the day before and I told him that I had to go to the post office to get the new money order with the correct amount and he seemed to be rushing me telling me that they did not have all day to wait for me to go to the post office and change the money order. Here is where things get even worst, the one who was laughing at me comes in my house and starts talking to me in a very disrespectful tone and it kind of set me off because here I was having to deal with the same man who thought that it was funny that they were wasting my money the day before and now he is in my home treating me like garbage. He took a very brief look around the apartment and suddenly told me that it was going to cost me more money because it looked like I was over my estimated cubic feet of 435. When I asked him how because I had two boxes less than what I had put on my packing list also I had let Maggie know that one of my TV's had broken and I would only be taking one and she said that she could not go any lower in the price by removing the broken TV from my list. He then turned over one of my large moving boxes that I had purchased from UPS and pointed to a number on the bottom 4.5cu, and told me that the seven boxes that I had that were this size would cost me an additional $926.00, there are just so many components to this story because I found myself calling Maggie once again that morning after talking to her already about the fact that they showed up with an old estimate that did not reflect the deduction of the $150.00. I told her my dilemma of being told that my seven boxes were somehow magically going to cost me $926.00 and told her that I did not have that and how could this be when everything on my list was correct even minus some items. I told Maggie that because he told me that it was because of the large moving boxes I would go through the large moving boxes and purge some things and get rid of them. By the time I was on the 5th large box and almost finished emptying it the same man that told me that the large boxes where the issue that were going to cost me more, told me that it did not matter because he was still going to charge me the extra cost after I had thrown away thousands and thousands of dollars of my material possessions. It get better he jacks up the price while another one of the movers caught me coming out the building and walks over to me and suddenly throws his arm around me and starts talking to me seductively and tries to kiss me. Now here I am stuck and caught off guard being sexually harassed, ripped off financially and treated like garbage by people that I am paying to move me. I know for a fact that I was over charged and that I am being ripped off, but to be sexually harassed and talked to like a dog too while taking my money is just too much, I was paying these people to do a service for me and they caused me nothing but harm and distress. Now instead of being able to eat and do the things I thought I would be able to do during arriving in my new home destination I am stuck eating oodles of noodles and trying to come up with a financial plan to replace some of the more needed things that I threw away to keep from paying the extra money. This had nothing to do with the size of those boxes they were going to do whatever they had to do to get my money and didn't care how they treated me. I took a look at the back of one of the sheet I signed and found a table of measurements which I believe must be standard for all moving companies and added everything up according to their measurements and what was on my packing list and discovered that I was only over by about 9 cubic feet and was told that it would cost me $4.00 for each additional cubit foot I was over my estimate which comes to $36.00, but I was charged hundreds of dollars more. No one else should ever be treated the way I was, no one. I ask that you please hold off on contacting these companies involved until I receive my belonging because I am already afraid that when they get here they will not be in one piece. The two companies involved are listed below I did not know that I was going to be dealing with two different companies and had paid a deposit of $200.00, months ago to Great American Van lines. Great American Van Lines, INC.3325 Griffin Road. Ste 6Fort Lauderdale FL 33312 Moving Cross Country Inc400 Duncan AveJersey City, NJ07306
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