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C-N-C's Standard Poodles-Parker, CO: Rude, Pompous, Prejudiced, an altoghether insulting experience

CNCs Standard Poodles #522943
I don't know what Lena1234 was thinking. No purebred breeder would consider breeding with a non-purebreed. I have purchased two beautiful standards from her and the reason was her knowledge and willingness to share that knowledge. I first met Jean Marie and her husband at a AKC show. We were looking to replace our Dalamation that had just passed after haveing her for 17 years. We started with the minature breeders who did not have time to talk to us and as we were walking around ran into Jean Marie husband who was walking one of their beautiful males "Rage". He took us back to this lady that was busily working on 3 dogs getting them ready to show. I thought well she won't have time to talk, but I was very mistaken. While she was grooming the dogs, she talked to us and explained what she was doing, their breeding outlook and was genuinally interested in us. As I have gotten to know Jean Marie better, I have found her very willling to share her extensive knowledge and help anyone that asks. Lena1234 needs to do her research before she slams someone. Jean Marie was in no way rude, but just telling her the facts and trying to educate her. Way to go Jean Marie.

Proud owner of Sasha and Ryder.
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