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Charter Communications - Hiking up price/ taking away channels!

Just received our monthly Charter bill with a big surprise. It went from up over $30- but in the past month "went digital" and took away like 15 channels! [They do say we can have those channels if we get a box for every t.v. and have another thing to hook up!] [Oh and that also comes with an additional charge - per t.v.!!!!]They also have the worst internet ever! We have to unplug & re-set it an average of 10 times a day! They are the biggest rip off around! Go DISH or DIRECT T.V.! STAY AWAY FROM CHARTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I had Charter and I agree the sevice is horrible. About 3 years ago AT&T Uverse came to my area and I signed up with them.

I use to see Charter trucks in by area all the time. Since Uverse came in I now do not see Charter trucks at all in my area. They now have made a complete change in attitude and ever send door to door salesman trying to get customers. I am happy with AT&T and will never return to Charter.

the best part of AT&T is they have the east and west feed of all channels that offer it. I say this to only proof that once a cable company has another t.v.

service then they decide they need to make nice. To bad that it only happens when they do not have a monopoly.


Look, Charter is NOT broadcast TV. It is not required to change anything to digital.

they do it because it's in their best interests.

They are there to make money, not serve their customers. as long as you can't switch, you have to eat it.


Charter is pathetic excuse for a "local partner" as stated earlier they have NO customer service. This site even entertains the idea of contacting Charter first before posting.

Well, I tried that and got to a web page that went nowhere to post a complaint. So, now I have posted this. I have also had all of my FB friends post their comments about their dealings and the results will surprise you. Charter does this to its customers everywhere it has no wired competition, that's no surprise.

and its everywhere the north ,the south, the small eastern towns but not in the big cities where there is 2-3 choices.Charter removes channels and hikes rates. Just so they can monthly charge you per TV. Ever since the GREAT Communicator deregulated CABLE TV companies and the AIRLINES those two industries have done nothing but stepped on consumers everywhere. Someone suggest a good alternative to charter and I will gladly try it.

If everyone boycott them somehow maybe we could get their attention.

Sorry for rant But *** I just keep getting kicked around. Thanks for listening

@Serene Vyv

Have you ever thought about the cable companies being regulated by the fcc?? Do you think it is their choice to move the channels to digital where everyone has to have a box?

If you do you are wrong!!! All businesses are regulated by the fcc and have to obide by their rules!!!Its a changing world and you need to change with it....I choose personal service with am office that I can walk in and support the people in my community that work there even if it is a few bucks higher!!


thats sooooo true! It is a FCC mandated program which will free up airspace for emergency services...

if u wanna complain, talk to the FCC not charter... if you *** would think about it, even antenna you have to have a box or quam tuner.... Dish or Direct--- BOX... ATT- BOX....

ugghhhh! think before you speak...

@Serene Vyv

It is especially annoying when people choose to come on here and *** about things they are completely uneducated about. The below posts are 100% accurate; the FCC does mandate Charter.

Going all digital does free up tons of airspace for emergency services, as well as going all digital actually gives the customers more HD channels, more channel options, free On Demand, and the Interactive Guide!

Charter did do this for the greater good. Maybe you should do your research before you open your mouth.

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Charter Communications Tv Service
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Windham Resorts - Won biggest prize package/ then took it away

I entered a vacation sweepstakes at a mall in madison, wi. - a few weeks later, Windham called to inform me that I had won their biggest prize package ever! [valued at $6,000] They went through everything with me and had it all set up but when they asked of my living situation- which should be private and no revelence to entering or winning a contest anywhere- they quickly took it all away. Wow. really?! What a scam! I certainly will not ever vacation with anything or anywhere they are a part of- as I am sure that will go for everyone I know and everyone I tell. I have never heard of anything like this in my life. Windham is a joke! As I hear of all the dis-satisfied people that have got sucked into their resorts, hotels, vacations or whatever they are associated with, I am glad I didn't have anything to do with them as I am sure it would have just ended in more disappointment. People- watch out for entering any contests they are associated with - walk away- they are a scam! Disney, Carnival or Sandals is the way to go. They don't rip people off.
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