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Automatic Door Company, Aka, The Garage Door Center, Fairfield Connecticut

This residential door company has been dishonest and abusive. They have thrown stones at the consumer with every rebuttal in order to create a smokes-screen that diverts attention away from their horrible wrong doing. They wrongfully installed two very expensive garage doors that were left with the wrong sized springs that caused the doors to creek and groan when they opened very [painfully] slowly as the lighted electric opener strained to open the doors. This is very dangerous, as the doors were over 400 pounds EACH, and if the electric opener had blown out the door would have come crashing down and seriously injured or even killed someone. The electric opener installed in the ceiling is NOT supposed to be responsible for opening garage doors. The springs installed with these doors were undersized, and any good installer would have noticed such an inadequate design. But this company left the doors with a dangerous installation.... and got paid in full, and then took their money and ran. They refuse to take any responsibility for such horrifying behavior and have been totally unprofessional in their responses. They are now reducing themselves to slandering me by lying and fabricating stories about my character. It is unbelievable to watch them fabricate stories about fake lawsuits that they say were filed against me by other sub-contractors.... ALL LIES. Absolutely not true at all. Totally wretched on their part. Clearly, they are trying to divert the truth about their bad behavior to a good paying customer in order to weasel out of taking responsibility here. The carpenter on duty had to finally get Fisher door company to fix the dangerous doors on an emergency call. The cost was $1,000. I want to be reimbursed for this cost. These doors were approximately $10,000 for two doors. They were supposed to take 6 to 8 weeks to fabricate and deliver, but instead, they took nearly 8 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every excuse in the book has been used to fabricate lie after lie about what happened whenever a rebuttal is given in response to my complaints. It is really disappointing that this company just does not behave professionally and apologize for the circumstances and reimburse me for their mistakes. To add to this horrible situation, the door company took two deposits upfront from the homeowner---- and three weeks before the very overdue delivery, they started to DEMAND that they be paid with a Bank Check [cashier's check] for the final 1/3 payment----- and their excuse was that they did not trust the homeowner to have the final check clear!! Unbelievable bad behavior! The low morale that ensued after this accusation was as low as any business can go. Here they have 90% of the customer's money... and they have kept the customer waiting for several months.... and then they have the audacity to start accusing the homeowner of not being trustworthy? They violated their contract with the homeowner with the delay, then they violated it again by demanding a bank check. Oh, and they told our carpenter on duty that if we did not 'comply' with their demands for a bank check, then they would not deliver the doors and would throw them in the trash!!!!!!! We were virtually enslaved by this bad company and we were reduced to literally begging the guy to finally deliver our very expensive doors that needed to be installed before the winter set in. Lesson learned: DO NOT give big deposits to any company without having any merchandise to show for it. Companies that demand big deposits are not solvent, and will use your trusted investment as a weapon against the naive homeowner. This is one of the most wretched incidents that I have ever encountered. Bad business practices; unfair business practices. All homeowners please protect yourself.
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Huntington, New York