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Apple - Iphone Warning about iphone 3g

My Iphone I purchased was exchanged 3 times. I was lucky because I was able to return to my original service it was all done within the 30 day time limit. I saw that the customer service at apple, where you have to return the product, is with an attitude and when you return the Iphone they give you a replacement that may be a refurbished iphone not a new one. Each time I was there I witnessed many other customers exchanging them. I also spoke with the manager and he told me to expect that the battery would last only 1 and 1/2 years if you are lucky. Further you should always let the iphone totally run the battery totally down in an effort to get the most out of the battery. That was the main reason that I finally had to quit the iphone. The standby time for the phone use is very limited. The applications are a main draw, are neat, but use a lot of power. So be aware that there are many drawbacks to the Iphone. One more thing each time I exchanged the iphone it had various other problems such as buttons falling off and just totally dying.
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Anytime a new phone or item is introduced to the public at large, everyone rushes to be the first to get it. Problem is these items are introduced long before the kinks are worked out.

They really aren't ready for the market. If people would slow down and see how things go or wait for the 3rd or 4th upgrade on such items, maybe the companies would do their research and work to have the items truly market ready.

It is not the consumers fault, but the companies that put these items out before they are ready.

All we can do is make it unprofitable for the companies to do so and hope for the best.

Samsung Instinct is another example of a touch phone that needs MUCH improvement before offering to the general public

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