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Carole's personal touch

Caroles Personal Touch #520999
Hello, I'm The wife of the crazed family in this matter, my husband is Carol's son, 1 of 3, I'd like to respectfully ask everyone to please if you have something to say about carol or her son chris to plse call them or at the least leave a email where you guys can communicate, we are being accused of writing these things an although its very tough to hear the names we are referred as an its been a tough 10 yrs for Matt an I getting excepted into the family, we do still continue to try an win them over with no success, Matt has a hard time being excepted because he married me, I was not wanted in the family an Matt loved me anyway an he has been paying his dues for 10yrs now, we are not crazed but admitted a bit jealous at times but I think its only human nature to see your brothers loved unconditionally an you feel like your shunned, we love our family an we will continue to try an gain the love of Carol for My husband and her granddaughters, its very painful for everyone when this happens in a family an we ask everyone to please stop writing, I my self an Matt has worked for Carol an even though we are considered astranged, I will say neither of us has ever seen anyone steal nor p...
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