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McDonalds - Overcharged Multiple Times At Mahoning Ave. Location

I ordered a chicken nugget combo which was $5.34 and the employee charged me $7.33. I wasn't really paying attention at first and swiped my card. But then I noticed she charged me $2 more than the price on the board. When I asked why, she brought a manager over who said something to the effect that she rang in all the items separately instead of as a combo. So they manager offered to issue a refund then ring the order back in. She asked to swipe my card about 3 more times, and gave me the receipts. When I looked at the refund receipt, it was only for $6.97 not $7.33. When I checked my bank account on my smartphone, not only was there the incorrect charge, the correct charge, but a third charge for $2.19 as well! So I asked her why she didn't give me a full refund, to which she explained that the employee forgot to charge the 34 cent in store tax - which was baloney because she charged me the tax again when she rang it up the second time. She charged me double tax for one order. Then when I asked why she charged me another $2.19, she just shrugged and said "I don't know". I asked her to write her name down on the receipt, and she scribbled it illegibly. When I asked her to write it more clearly, she just put a dot on the "i". I called McDonalds and left a complaint, but as of right now I've not seen any refunds to my account and have paid nearly $15 for a combo meal. In addition, I'm almost certain this same thing happened to me few days prior at this location. I went through the drive thru and ordered a double cheeseburger combo and a $1 double burger, and my order came to $8 and some change. Combo meals there are like $5.50 or $6.50. My order shouldn't have been that high. Do not use your credit card at this place, and double check everything on your receipt so you can demand a refund in cash. Or just stay away from this place all together. I happened to catch this because I was just ordering for myself, but it angers me how this probably slips by on a regular basis when people are ordering multiple combos for their families/friends.
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Call your local BBB office and file a complaint. Then call the local district attorney's office to see about starting a case for anything possibly illegal such as credit card fraud, bait and switch pricing, etc.

Then call MCD corporate headquarters to file a complaint and tell them what steps you have taken already. 8)

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