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Property Management 21 - Can't find info

We have recently received an offer for almost $20,000 for our timeshare from this company. Since you can buy timeshares online for a dollar, we are suspicious of something that sound too good to be true. In researching online, we can find almost nothing about this company. Does anyone know where we can go to find out more about them. They are not registered with the Better Business Bureau. There are almost no web sites that list the company's name. Even the name itself is suspicious, in that it seems to copy Century 21's logo and name. Can anyone help?
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Wow! My last post a few minutes ago as "bruce" has a "from natchez, mississippi, US." Where did that address come from.

I am using the same computer at home as my previous post" Bruce on August 30, 2012 from asheville, north carolina, US" which is the correct address. Does this mean someone else is using my email address? Have i been hacked? Anyone in the know about this kind of stuff, you are welcome to post here or email me at bherberts@***.net.

Do I need to do anything? Thanks


I to received a call from PM21 and PHB ttile. offering me 48,000 for a time share i paid 10,000 for.

i was also skeptical but the persons name was Fredrick woods and Alexander Bias with PM 21 and Vanessa Murphey with PHB title. i was sent a contract and was told i could bring to my attorney to review it looked legit. I Googled the names of the pepole i was dealing with and they do indeed live in the states they are claming to be working from. They may be using other pepoles idenity.

Anyway long story short i was told i needed to pay 3000 for the title transfer and closings fees in mexico. I was to get this closing fee back after the sale. i was told the same as others the reason they were paying so much was beacuse the buyer was a investor and needed a tax right off. i refused to pay anything up front.

i told them if they were leget. pay my fees and i'll have my attorney draw up the paperwork and i'll pay back the 3000 and a addtional 2000. for thier trouble and on top of the 7% comission i would increase it to 10% for selling the property.

A good buisness person working on commission would of jumped on this offer. of course they wouldn't do it but instead they reduced the amout to 1500 and when i then said i will not a dime to sell somthing you contacted me to buy and from that point forward they quit contacting me


To Michael form Sept 7, can you give details on how the scam works? How did they get your money if it is a commission after the sale?


the better business bureau in wisconsin and in alabama have put out press releases warning of these


for all to see property management 21 and pbh title are scammers dont do business with them i lost 1500.00 dollers and i will never see again


i was scamed out of 1500.00 dollers by property man 21 and phb title so dont buy into what thair selling


they called back today and he said he was a supervisor and he was following up on the offer. I told him never received it.

so I asked him a couple of questions: 1-why can you deduct your 7% from the funds due me? he answer we never touch your money. 2- when do I have to give you the 7%? He said 5 days after the check clears my bank.

3- is the check coming from out of the country? he said it depends on your contract. 4- why are you paying so much for my timesahre while you can buy the same thing for $500 bucks?

He said the investor is doing it for a tax write off.Has anybody finallized the transaction? would love to hear from that person.


I have recieved an offer for my timeshare. They called today and left message.

I only have 24 hours to respond because there is a deadline of 5pm central tomorrow 8/31/12. I have never talked with them, only voicemails. I will be watching this site to see how it goes for Chris.

Please update this site if anyone finds out anything about them. Thanks


i read a report today from our local news station ABC 33/40 in Birmingham, AL to beware of this company. The address they have listed in Birmingham is actually a parking garage. So be real careful


7% is an interesting number; I was also offered a deal by Aqua Element Management for my timeshare for 7% commission...

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