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Mold Treatment Centers of America - Personal, Confidential Medical Information Being Released

I had an email today from Pissed Consumer informing me of another person responding to my review about Mold Treatment Centers of America in Alpharetta, GA. The information contained in this email from "Sandra G" (Washington, DC) contains personal, confidential information that was only discussed with the Psychotherapist at this facility. I do not know this person; nor have I ever talked to her on the phone, as she says, about anything, let alone Mold Treatment Centers of America. I now believe that because of the review I did on this facility, that they have released personal, confidential information that would have been in my file (by Dr. Weekley). Other than my immediate family, 2 of my closest friends in GA, the only others who knew any of this information was Dr. Weekley, and the toxicologist who sent me to this facility. There was no one else that knew any of this information whatsoever!!! I had a friend who went with me and was in on the interview I had with Dr. Weekly at MoldTC, and he wanted to know about my family dynamics (support), my anger issues over the intentional exposure I had to these hazardous toxic molds which has made me very, very ill, etc. So, where do you think this all came from?? It certainly wasn't from my family and friends; and the name "Sandra" is very coincidental to one of these 2 sources. There are HIPPA Laws that were made to prevent this type of personal medical information to be released to anyone that you do not authorize. This place is very angry because of my experience I shared on Pissed Consumer, and have had many others come forward with the same experience, as a result of this review. But the release of confidential medical information is against the law; and I will be addressing this issue with an attorney, as my rights as a patient have been violated!
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I too have been scammed by MTCOA and have been disputing the charges with my credit card company. They are NOT who they say they are and prior to being seen at the office they returned every single call.

Once seen they were never available and would return call at odd hours knowing "patients" are most likely not available so they could say they attempted to call.

During the cc dispute they made character assinations that I was a fraud and a criminal and was attempting to steal services when the opposite is true. I have hired an investigator who has proven them to be a fraud and a scam and how all employees w involved were on the "take".


Did you ever get anything done at the mold treatment center. I and somebody else I know have been scammed by this company.


Google - bfritts1947@***.com to see all the other companies I am complaining about...Its a full time

I have now filed a small claims suit against Affordable Dentures for the football helmet they put into my mouth instead of what I purchased - the most expensive package for an upper denture.

They attempted to contact the general dentist I ended up having to go to in my town to try to get this mess straightened out after they were served the small claims papers. The general dentist's receptionist told them that they could not release anything to them without my written consent.

We have what is called "Hippa Laws" today! Who the *** do they think they are, trying to obtain personal information about my treatment without my consent??

These people will stop at nothing!! I am asking that anyone who has had problems with ill-fitting dentures they purchased from Affordable Dentures and your end result to please e-mail me (Barbara Fritts) at: bfritts1947@***.com. :

I will need all the ammunition I can get to take with me when I go to court.

I will need feedback ASAP.

I have gotten some complaints printed from Pissed Consumer, but this is a hard site to print from. If there is anyone out there who has worked for this place and can add to their bait and switch program, please give me your feedback as well. This place is Cartersville, GA has even threatened other dentists in the area who have tried to help people with the pieces of *** they purchased from Affordable Dentures This place threatened these dentists with lawsuits if they continued to intervene with their (Affordable Denture's) patients. The last I knew, this is a free country, and we have the right to get the proper treatment from any medical/dental facility that we choose.

Please e-mail me ASAP with the problems that you incurred with this business.Thank you. 20f0920

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SunTrust VanLines - Scam Moving Company

MOVERS BEWARE!! Has anyone contracted with a moving company by the name of Sun Trust Van Lines out of Miami, FL, who illegally brokered your personal house goods out to a company by the name of L&D Storage out of Ventura/North Hollywood, CA (both cities appear on the cab of the truck)? Well, the unimaginable has happened to me with this moving company. At least half of my household goods have been destroyed (heirlooms and collectible; the 2 rear legs literally broken off my double Victorian dresser; a leg broken off my metal bed frame (how?); and the destruction and damage caused to my other belongings has been staggering. This has literally traumatized me!! I had to have 2 AZ DOT Weights & Measures agents here at my new home to meet this moving truck as it came in. The people at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has been highly involved with my situation as well. It is inconceivable that so much damage/destruction could just happen (we are not talking nicks and dings), we are talking about total disregard to others personal belongings. This damage was intentionally done, as my new upstairs neighbor watched this whole scene go down from her balcony and saw how these 2 Israeli Nationals were badly treating the load behind me that was going to Gilbert, AZ. Then, my Brother, who has been in the trucking industry for 46 years and personally knows all these federal people at the DC level (he is the one responsible for getting all the Feds involved)found out through one of his trucking associations he is a member of that this Sun Trust Van Lines just came into operation in March 2013, and did not have "broker authority;" in other words they did not have the legal right to give my possessions to anyone, and they did -- to this L&D Storage out of CA (totally unbeknown to me). They tacked on an additional almost $3,000 to my original contract; which was found to be illegal by the AZ DOT Weights & Measures Agents who were here the day this load came in, and this was because of what was done when my things were loaded in GA. I URGE anyone who has had such destruction/damage/missing items to immediately go to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (U.S. Dept. of Transportation) and file a complaint which I was told to immediately do by one of the DOT agents in Phoenix. This company is being highly investigated by all agencies involved here. These 2 Israeli's who delivered my load thought they were above the law, as they were put on an "Out of Service Order" for 10 hours by the DOT W&M agents, which means their truck could not move from the truck stop for 10 hours, as the Highway Patrol (who was also at my new home when this truck came in) would be looking for them. Well, the violated this order and proceeded on to Gilbert, AZ where, once again, the AZ Federal DOT people were waiting for them, with *** sniffing dogs (as I was told) this time. To violate an order such as this is as bad as someone trying to break out of jail. Please feel free to email me at: bfritts1947@***.com. PLEASE, LISTEN TO WHAT I HAVE SAID AND STAY AWAY FROM THIS MOVING COMPANY (if they are not shut down by the DOT first)!!
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Mold Treatment Centers of America - Treatment and Diagnosis of Mold Illnesses Due to Toxic Mold Exposure

If anyone has had problems with Mold Treatment Centers of America in Alpharetta, GA where you were to be diagnosed and treated for mold illnesses due to exposure to hazardous toxic mold environments, please email me at: bfritts1947@***.com. I was first (and only) seen by this treatment facility on 12/28/12 for severe mold illnesses from my exposure to hazardous toxic molds at a hotel in Horseshoe Bend, AR (Cedar Glade Resort). After paying $3200 on 12/28/12, and being treated by ????, I was thrown off their radar screen. Michael Pugliese changed by protocol twice after the 1st month as I was not improving. For 10 days in March, I could not access the established patient line, nor could I access the journaling site that comes up immediately with your password, etc. When I complained, I was called by Lisa and was told that they had moved furniture around 10 days ago and the telephone line got disconnected (???). When I told her that it wasn't just the phone, it was the journaling site as well, she said she would have to check with their website person. It was after March 19 that I was no longer heard from anyone, and my illness was getting worse. I made a surprise visit to them on April 12, '13 (had a witness with me), and Michael Pugliese was less than happy to see me in the facility (I live in GA, not out of state as many who come into this facility fly in from out-of-state). He was so angry that we could not even look at me. When I started to question him, he said to me "your files are not on the premises." When I told this to my Pulmonary Doctor (a real doctor), Dr. Waldman said to me, "Where would your files be, somewhere in Canada?" I then asked for copies of all my records, and what I got were handwritten office notes, nothing on letterhead, no diagnosis (these were all records dated 12/28/12). The MD, Dr. O, sent me out of that office with stroke high BP levels (he took it 3 times). There were no records forwarded with any changes that were made in my protocol by Michael Pugliese (2 changes made). First told to go off of the herbs given to me by Dr. Kang (the acupuncturist on 12/28/12, who, by the way is no longer be used as part the MoldTC treatment a/o March -- they threw her off their radar screen). I started to see Dr. Kang on my own in March & April (12th) due to my severe irritability caused by the very high levels of mycotoxins found in my body. She also related information to me about MoldTC and how other patients have had to call her because they could not get through or get responses from MoldTC after becoming one of their patients. She would have to go next door to their office to find out what was going on. I have had to move to Tucson, AZ to come under a "real" mold specialist physician, Dr. Gray in Benson, AZ. This MoldTC has been termed by the Director of the Special Investigations Unit of the GA Dept. of Health as a "criminal fraud scheme." And was told by a retired mold specialist physician who lives in Tampa, "worst place you could have gone; money making machine." The GA Dept. of Health, Julia Campbell, has had many complaints over the past year with people from out of state with questions and concerns about this facility. Another person facebooked me and called this a "fake" place and thought it had been closed down. There are no certificates for any of these doctors on the walls; no licensing; and the only thing they could find out for Michael Pugliese were the scams he ran with his private company, Probe Environmental on Rip-Off. Again, please email at above email address if anyone else has had problems with this facility. Thank you, Barbara Fritts
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I can't find any doctors who will take my case. I have been exposed to black mold, been very sick and can't get help.

Does anyone know where or who to call.



@Margaret Gilpin

No doctors will diagnose you because the pharmaceutical companies do not have a pill for it. Pharmaceutical companies control EVERYTHING, and if it can't make billions of dollars from it, they will not allow any members of the medical community to diagnose it.

Cancer treatments make the pharmaceutical companies over two trillion dollars every year.

That's why you will never see a cure for cancer, even though cancer is one of the easiest things to cure. Mold is a different animal altogether. Mold is the only known thing that kills more Americans every year than cigarettes. Cigarettes kill 435,000 people in the U.S.

every year. Mold kills over half a million. This also helps with population control so, it's not likely you will see much help with mold.

I have gone through a 9 year nightmare with mold poisoning. I lived in it for 3 years.

I moved to New Mexico and have been recovering for the past 7 years. I lost most of what I own, I now have diabetes, I put on 65 pounds because of mold, I have seen 27 doctors and none of them will diagnose, they just fumble around with other tests and ideas. My eyes are ruined and my vision blurs at any given moment. I had mold coming out my pours and making my clothes smell like mold.

My apartment manager had to come and change out my air conditioner because I breath out mold and it filled up the AC unit with it. I filed for disability 5 years ago because I can no longer work, but no judge will find in my favor because doctors will not diagnose me with mold sickness, we have appealed 3 times so far. I have brain fog and cannot remember anything past a few minutes. And 4 of the 27 doctors I have sen classify the pain levels I live with as "{{Redacted}} Pain".

Fortunately for me, {{Redacted}} is not an option.

Mold is extremely complex in it's nature and what it does to the human body. Fortunately I have decades of research behind me and have taken to researching mold and finding ways to live with it. I am feeling better after 7 years of recovery but the physical and neurological damage left behind is considerable.

I would like to start some kind of fund raising campaign to recover financially, because all this mess means that I have had no income for the past 8 years. Statistics have shown that 65% of people with mold poisoning as bad as mine commit suicide, 25% die from it, and the remaining 10% just struggle to see it through.

I wish you the best on your journey to recovery.

Hang in there. Drew

@Arien Qxr

go to Surviving The top doc.s in the country are Dr.

Ritchie Shoemaker, who was part of developing the lab protocols that help with Diagnosis. If you have lots of money, you can find them. Dr. Shoemaker has been training doctors so you can find a list of them who use his protocols.

Avg. cost is350.-600. /per hr.!!! Dr.

Grey in Benson Arizona used to take medicare. I told him a lot of docs don't write the diagnosis. So he wrote down, systemic mycotoxicosis and C.I.R.S. and Chronic fatigue.

he also uses Dr. Shoemakers protocol as well as some of his own. If you are very toxic, there is Dr. Rea in Texas.He is pricy but one can go there and get heavy and intense detox.I wish all these guys existed, or I knew of them before I spent all of the 400,000.00 dollars in savings.If you want homeopathy and natural healing one can wait months to get in or SKYPE with Dr.

Jodie Dashore. There is a pretty strong genetic component. I have lost my twin and daughter. I am maxed out on antifungals.

And I fear I am watching my grandson slowly die as his father and the rest of the family refuse to listen to me or him. Yes, I finally explained a few things to him,but he caught on real fast. He started fighting with his Dad about it. So dad and family have managed to silence both of us.

Any attorneys out there?? I have the labs, the testing on the house,ect. Social Services refused to do anything. It's an epidemic.

Look for this free Documentary called "Moldy". (yes, before this I was a critical care nurse for 32yrs.). Anyway, for Moldy got to, " Moldy-the movie" and look for the free,1hr. version.

A lot of the top doc's in U.S. are featured. Sometimes when I feel like I'm alone in this, I go back and watch the movie. Good luck.

Seriously, if there is an attorney or paralegal out there who is willing to help me(probono, or long term,small payment,payback.), that would be soo great.!!It's for my grandson. Oh,yes, my e-mail is: Pomelalewis@***.com. Ph:808-344-****.

Sometimes it helps, just to talk. Good luck, P.


I have e-mailed you.


I have been tested for mycotoxin poisoning through Bio Trek laboratories. They have been really helpful in helping me to get diagnosed.

My problem is thati don't know what kind of doctor to see to treat this. I have been seen my an infectious disease doctor, doctor of allergy and immunology and dermatology.

They just treat the symptoms but have no knowledge as to why. (No experience in mold) Can anyone out there please tell me what kind of doctor I need to see to start treatment for this.


Linda, you need a Functional Medical doctor, also known as an Integrative Medical doctor, or Integrative Medicine. They treat the whole body and look for the cause rather than treating the symptoms. Good luck!



I also tested with Bio Trek and came out positive for mycotoxin. I would like to speak with you as I have the identical issues you are having with trying to find medical care and answers.

Please feel free to call me at (786) 556-****.

Thank you. Katia


I talk my 16 year old daughter there a year ago. She has not gotten any better.

We are thinking of taking her back again soon. Now I am worried. We cannot find a dr that will or knows how to treat her.

She is getting worse. Someone ease help us find a dr


i was tested by a company called BioTrekLabs, their test was awesome!!!


Research Shows: "Surviving Toxic Mold | Mold Exposure | Mold Illness | Mold..." BioTrek Labs is run by the same group of con artists that run Ehap, Biosign, AML, MTCA, BioTrek Labs, National Mold Resource Center, Mold Victim. The ring leader of this is a guy that often changes him name to Stephen A, Steve, Stephen M. Stephen Chance, Stephen M Chance, Steve A Chance, and many more.

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Affordable Dentures - Upper Dentures

Well, what do you know? I filed a complaint with the Atlanta Better Business against Affordable Dentures in Cartersville, GA regarding the inferior product they sold me and what I have had to do with another dentist to try to get these upper dentures (2nd set of temporaries) straightened out and the extra cost involved. They have made several attempts to get a response from this sham of a business and as of today, the BBB has not received any response. What is it going to take to have this so-called business investigated? How many other people will have to go through what many of us have gone through with Affordable Dentures? And, even after the other dentist attempted to get this 2nd set of temporaries straightened out, I still cannot stand to have them in my mouth for very long; they still *** me (after 8 months now); and I still cannot eat anything but soft food. They even affect my speech. So, now I will take them to small claims court, and it will be for a *** of a lot more than I have paid them for this piece of ***!
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I have never been in a place that was so unprofessional (Cartersville Ga Affordable Dentures).


It has been 8 months so you can either upgrade or stick it out for a full year until your gums are done shrinking. I have a very small jaw (the size of a 4-5 yr old) and I agree that now that mine have shrunk for 6 months I am loading on the pink stuff and it is further back in my throat now than I like.

This is expected. You are under the Affordable plan so go to a better facility.

Obama's Healthcare Plan would have covered full dentistry. This is what our country has for now.

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Affordable Dentures Dentures
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Affordable Dentures - Bad Dentures

Once again, I make a complaint about Affordable Dentures in Cartersvillle, GA. Since January 14, 2012, I have had to have 2 sets of what they are calling "temporary dentures". Have gone back several times, waiting for hours at a time, due to continued problems with these upper dentures (having to pay extra monies each time). After 6 months, I got to the point that I could not stand to have these things in my mouth anymore. I couldn't chew (not even spaghetti) and my mouth would be so sore that I had to take them out by 3:00 p.m. I had to use tons of glue to keep them in my mouth. Finally, yesterday I went to a general dentist here in Cartersville, and it took him 1 1/2 hrs. to straighten these dentures out. The *** was so off, there were so many pressure points, etc. that it took him this long to get them right. He also told me there is no such thing as temporary and permanent dentures (he's never heard of this). He said that when you get your dentures after extractions, most likely there will have to be adjustments; but he continued to tell me that they do what is called a "temporary alignment" which can last from 3-6 months depending on the patient. Then you come back in and a "permanent alignment" is done to the dentures and that is it. So, with Affordable Dentures, you are paying for 2 sets of dentures (temporary and permanent). What a scam! They will be seeing me in small claims court in the very near future. For 6 months, I have been on a soft, very soft diet and have lost about 35 lbs. Why is that Affordable Dentures couldn't get it right? They never did the things this general dentist did to try and make these right. This dentist could have said that there was nothing he could do with these dentures, but he worked for 1 1/2 hrs. to get them right.
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I too am seeking legal advice/council...I had to glue my teeth in 3-4 times daily and couldn't get thru a meal and I too had to stop eating real food, mostly soft textures now. I am getting new dentures now at 2600 bucks, so my affordable dentures are not so affordable, they keep costing and costing....

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Affordable Dentures Dentures