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MINT AUTO SALES~Bittersweet business

Went into their business to purchase a vehicle. Had a trade in vehicle~made a deal to trade a 1996 suv for a 2006 vehicle (not getting personal) Got accepted through one of their lenders and signed paperwork and made the deal for the trade and was told "see you next month when you make a payment". Ok, I am going to give the exact dates just so you guys can be just as shocked as we are. Signed papers on 7/18/2012~signed over title of our vehicle and transferred all papers and property to new vehicle. 7/19/2012 went back to their lot to gather more property of ours and sign "corrected papers" they needed done in order to finalize the legit steps to make the deal "done". 7/20/2012~they call us stating that the lender needed us to return to the shop in order to verify and sign even more proper papers. 7/21/2012~woke up to find out the car was "stolen" (when in fact they repossessed the 2006 car that all my stuff was in) no former contact~no heads up about anything like this happening. Called and reported it stolen with police. Police called back and said "civil" matter. Called the dealer to find out why they would do such a thing and they said hey if you pay me $50 tow bill I will give you your car and stuff back. WHAT!? So is this the kind of dealer that can tow cars away from rightful owners to rack up bills in order to make extra cash on the weekend? Did they intentionally RIP the car from me knowing full well that there is so much money in merchandise in that car for their liking!!?? What kind of business takes a car away from a family expecting them to show proper documentation of employment on a SATURDAY knowing *** well that the business office is CLOSED!!? Mint Auto sales just opened their doors not to long ago and I have a strong feeling that they will not be open for long at all!! Never in my 30 years of life have I ever come across a business so SHADY!!!! Once I have more PROOF and once I can truly gather my thoughts, I will return to this site and add more information regarding this establishment!! Thanks for reading and thanks for letting me VENT
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Kristofer Dean is nothing but a lying piece of ***. I guarantee if you run his background, he's not perfect!

You wouldn't be special finance if you paid your *** bills, you *** little ***! Go think about what you did.

You LIED to the bank about your job in order to purchase a vehicle. If your job was LEGIT, you'd still be driving the Charger!


Gainfully employed and loving every minute of it!! Time to gain my new vehicle so I can continue going to work everyday like I always have for a long time!! :grin


To my utter surprise~I found out some pretty valuable information to go with my case against Mint Auto and Manager Randy Olry!! In 2011, a former employee of his filed suit against him with the civil rights commission.

Her case has proven that he fired her because she wouldn't *** with him! Oh, and did I tell you that he has a felony record as well!!?? So, just another piece of information to go with before doing business with Mint Auto.

Would you buy a car from a convicted felon who cannot stand rejection from women?!?!? :upset


This customers name is Kristopher Dean. I am the manager of Mint Auto Sales at Brooklyn Ave.

This customer is the type that makes it hard for customers with legitimate problems to get a car loan. He lied the entire time of the process. First off he put an application in and stated that he worked at General Motors and was delivered a car based an assumption that he was not lying. I received a preliminary approval based on an assumption that he had a job currently.

After the car was delivered the lender called Kristopher Deans employer and found out that he was layed off which caused them to retract the approval. We attempted over several days to contact Kristopher Dean and he would not return our phone calls. I then sent my salesmen to his house to attemt to contact him, when they arrived there our car was parked out front but him or his girlfriend would not come to the door. I then had a tow truck pick up the vehicle and bring it back to the store since the transaction was invalidated by his fraudulent actions.

After the vehicle was back at my stoe the salesman and myself received a phone call from his girlfriend as he did not have the courage to call us and talk to us himself. He then attempted to call the polixce and lie about the entire thing and when they did not side with him he threw a hissy fit like a little girl and attempted to write lies about us in this forum.

This customer is the one that makes all of us honest people have to provide documentation and prove things to lenders. If you have any questions about please feel free to call me, Randy Olry at 260-580-****

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