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Dental Wellness Center misunderstanding

I admit that I'm only speaking from my personal experience, and I don't wish to be malicious. I'm simply upset and voicing my feelings. Some of what happened in my story may have been my fault: I spent the greater part of the day searching for a dentist in my area that would accept payments, due to my lack of insurance. (I am unemployed and applying for disability). After much ado, I called this company and spoke to a lady who told me that they accepted payment plans (failing to inform me that they were all preapproved credit style plans). I mentioned that I knew I didn't qualify for Care Credit due to my credit rating, and I was told that it wasn't a problem. They mentioned a new patient special, and I said that I did not have the money upfront. Again, no indication of a problem and scheduled an appointment. I was told payment wasn't an issue, so I presumed that situation was resolved. When I arrived for said appointment, I was handed paperwork which I was filling out. I asked to speak to the finance director, and after waiting for twenty five minutes, she appeared. When I went to explain that I had spoken to her earlier about the payment situation, she was asking: are you a walk in? Who did you speak to about this? I said: I spoke to you. She said: Oh, sorry. You must have misunderstood. They refused to help me at all, making comments about needing to feed their families and needing their cash that day. I was insulted and offended, though I tried to remain calm. Then they said I should ask my dad to pay for the services. I said that he was gone already and wouldn't be coming back until 4:00pm. My appointment was supposed to be at 3:10pm. They were all set to take me until the financial aspect came up. They wouldn't work on me without payment, which I'm not saying they are wrong for, necessarily. I'm sure plenty of people do rip them off. I simply felt disrespected and like I was given the runaround. I waited around for my dad to come (he was my ride home), but during that time I requested that they give me back my paperwork. I didn't want my information kept on hand. They shredded it while I waited, then I walked out saying that it just wasn't going to work out. Exactly what I was trying to avoid, and exactly why I had inquired about it ahead of time. I asked if a bill could be sent out, and that was when the comments were made about feeding families, etc. I said, as calmly as I could, that I realized that, and also that I wasn't implying that no one should be paid. It was a rude comment to state, I feel. I realize that other people have had success with the company, and I'm not saying they are bad. I just feel they aren't upfront with their business practices, especially the financial aspect. I need to get this tooth fixed, and I was hoping to not pay a fortune. It was a very trying time, so please, make sure you get all the specifics before you accept an appointment. I feel like I was mislead, whether intentional or not, and to insinuate that I wasn't intending to pay was insulting. That was what really got me upset.
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Oh, they do that a lot and they will tell you that they will take your insurance until you get there. Then you pay out of pocket.

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