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I was hooked in by their buy one get on free offers thinking this was a dream come true deal. I should have been warned but all the bad reviews they received. So bad that they disabled the ability to post a review after July 11th, 2012. The 2 packs of hair you receive is actually equal to one pack of hair usually bought. Plus, they ship from overseas mostly buying "hair samples" and selling them as full bundles of hair. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. Their communication is horrible. I also ordered 12 inches and the hair I received was 10 inches. They claim it is how all hair is measured. WRONG!! Please do no ever waste your money with these people. They even email you from yahoo and hotmail address so I am not even sure they are a legitimate company. They email from humanhairwefts_1@***.com and nizoma23@***.com. Don't waste your money as I have. You will end up with one one bag of hair that looks very cheap and shorter. I have learned that there are companies out there who blatantly screw people over. THIS WAS MY VERY FIRST BAD EXPERIENCE WITH BUYING ANYTHING ONLINE AND I HOPE IT IS THE LAST. I will never order from again!
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The first batch of hair I ordered from here was wonderful and lasted about a year until it started shedding and tangling. However, the second batch was terrible!

I tried to contact and email the company, but I never got a response.

I spent good money on the hair and I can never reuse it again. If the company wants to finally email me back my email is klreese3@***.com


Listen food for thought to your company. It is not a good look to argue with a customer over the internet for everyone to see.

It will do damage to your company and also make the complainant seem accurate in her claims. Posting up excuses about people being on maternity leave and that person fault is excuses. You run a company and you want it to be reputable. But your actions here clearly does not.

What ever happened to the customer is always right and if you felt that she was being difficult you could have just apologized offer a refund with the return of the hair and move forward. By trying to make the customer look bad it made you look VERY bad and unprofessional.

Even if you had perfect high quality hair I wouldn't want me or my friends to use your service due to the ignorance in your replies back to the complainant. My suggestion to you fire your customer service or get some sensitivity training to learn how to deal with these problems After all this the person's hard earned money and after the problems they received because of the hair and it's quality I too would be afraid to return it for fear of losing my money all together simply because of a person's attitude towards a customer Think about it!


I ordered the Brazilian straight 10". It was true to length.

I ordered a #2. It is virgin hair so it is a natural 2. It looks like a 1b. The company offered to exchange for a lighter color.

I choose to keep it and dye the hair the color I want it.

It is my first virgin hair purchase. It is the most beautiful hair I have ever seen.


Hello, we appreciate your response and feedback. Every review you have seen on our website is true and written by real customers who have purchased with their money.

You have also failed to post up the response we left for customers on our website. There are some negative reviews on the site about delivery timeframe as some orders took upto 2weeks for delivery, this issue was due to an employee who went on maternity leave which we explained to the customers who were affected, we offered them overnight express shipping, partial refund and a $20 credit towards any future order. If we receive any complaint or negative review, we make sure to work to resolve the issue and once that cannot be resolved like in your case because the customer does not want it resolved, we cannot do much about it. Every written and video review we have on the website has been made by real paying customers.

Anyone that ever had a complaint, it was resolved to the customer's satisfaction.You have now complained that the hair is low quality but still do not want to return it for a full refund. Any rational person will clearly see you are rather a complainant. You saw these reviews and deemed us as a fraudulent company, but still ordered from us. You have put in a lot of negative energy into your threats and insults to us, any one with so much hate towards a company will want their money back and not keep a product that they claim is low quality and the incorrect amount.

We are still open to resolve your issue, please return it for a full refund, with shipping covered by us.Thanks for your comments and feedback. I will hope people will look at both sides of the story and give a fair judgement. You have not claimed what we have done wrong or different from what our policy states. Your order was processed and shipped and received timely, it was exactly what you ordered in the correct length and stated amount on our website (100g), and all your emails were replied timely and we reforwarded everyone of them back to you as proof since you said they were not received.

If anybody wants any more proof about this transaction with the customer, we will be happy to provide, please email sales@***.com or humanhairwefts_1@***.com.We have clearly tried our best to resolve this issue in every way possible but this customer is rather a very difficult person to work with and we will keep trying to resolve issue if she will let us. Thanks and God bless.


You can experience it yourself. Just order from them. You will end up with less hair and very low quality. You are better off buying local. Read the review on their site unless they have taken them down- which looks like ALL the July 11th posts are gone but here are a few. I'm sure they have people who post postively for them

Hi, I ordered my hair on June27th and I still haven't received it, still says processing. I emailed July 6th before business hours started and by the end of night, still no reply. I checked junk mail because I read in previous replies to check there nothing. I just told my friend do not order from this site, will not order from here again. Needed hair before vacation not after

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Peruvian Remy Virgin (Body Wave) So far I am not pleased with this company and I don't think I will be ordering anymore hair from this website.

So I ordered my hair last Monday and I receive it the following Monday. My hair look nothing like the picture. My opinion is that it looks and smells alot like beauty supply hair. I ordered a 1b and received a jet black # 1 hair. The inch of the hair look true to its promise but it came alone with a lot, I mean alot of shedding. Tangling not as bad as the shedding. I did email the owner and my complains I had yesterday when I received the hair which was around 5pm and today is Tuesday the following day and it's about to be 9 o clock and still not response. I either want my money back or some better hair. I had a hair appointment today but I had to cancell the appointment due to the dissapointing hair.

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Rating: 2 of 5 Stars! [2 of 5 Stars!]


Hello, we appreciate your response and feedback. You purchased hair on Sun Jul 8th, which was a weekend.

Our processing time is clearly stated as upto 72hours which means order will be ready for shipment around wednesday or thursday. You emailed asking about status which we promptly replied you. You claimed you did not receive emails (which i have since reforwarded all replies to you) and you saw proof we replied all your emails. Your order shipped out promptly and we did not receive your tracking number from shipper till saturday.

By this time, even though it was not upto to the 3-5business day timeframe, you had written all sorts of emails and insults calling us all sorts of liars, scams and thieves even though we provided you tracking showing your item was in route and scheduled for delivery on monday before the 5business day shipping timeframe. You claimed we never replied you again but we forwarded all emails to you a 2nd time and you realized we did actually email you (maybe it went to your spam box) but you replied one of the emails we had answered to your inquiry earlier.

After all the insults, we decided not to finish your order and just issue refund since you did not feel comfortable with our service and we tried to reroute shipment with DHL but you said "NO". How can you be so unsatisfied with the service and call us scams but still want us to handle your money?

DHL was not able to return shipment back to us since the request was put in too close to delivery. We asked you to reject shipment for full refund but you refused and still went ahead to sign for package. Then you received package and claimed it is not 2bundles. If you are an avid VIRGIN weave wearer, you will know that this hair is measured straight and only true to length when straight and measured in 100g(35oz) bundles as opposed to beauty store hair measured in 115g(4oz) bundles.

It is not the same as beauty store hair and your stylist will tell you the same. You then went ahead to say we are crooks and sent you hair samples which is clearly not the truth. We now asked you to return hair a 2nd time for a full refund while we pay for return shipping, you refused, but asked us to send you another 3rd bundle of hair at our own expense with overnight shipping. This is absolutely ridiculous when we have followed our policy and done everything the way we have stated, replied emails timely, shipped out after 72hour processing and order arrived within 3business days, what else did you want us to do?

You refused to return for refund and went on calling us all sorts of names which was very unfair. You still can return hair to us in new condition as received and we will issue a full refund. We try our best to satisfy every customer, but some customers are more difficult to satisfy but we still do our best to guarantee everyone is happy. It is obvious we did our job and supplied you what you ordered but you were trying to take advantage of the situation by asking us to send you free hair via overnight at our expense even though you received what you ordered, this is a very unfair practice.

We will always tell our side of the story so that customers will not only use your review to judge us, we strive for customer satisfaction and providing great hair for very reasonable prices. If any customer ever has any issues or complaints with our service or product, we do our best to resolve issues but there are cases where we cannot do anything when it is obvious the customer is trying to take advantage of the situation at hand. Please kindly educate yourself more on the concept of virgin hair or check with other virgin hair suppliers, hair is always measured straight to be true to length and it comes in 100g bundles.

We appreciate your business and support and hope you will let us resolve issue by issuing a full refund and we will cover return shipping.

There is always another side to a story and we have told our side. We can be reached at sales@***.com or humanhairwefts_1@***.com for any clarification or proof of email exchanges showing how rude and insultive this customer has been, even though we have done our part and tried to be as professional as possible.

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I put in an order on the 2nd of this month. It says my order is still processing but you all received my money.

I would like a refund if you all are scamming. I sent an email a day or two ago and still haven't had a reply.

I need that hair by the 20th, if I can't recieve it before then then I don't want it. My email galtney9@***.com

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