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Lowes - Falsely accused of stealing from Lowe's Home Improvement

Lowe's Home Improvement, Monkey Junction,, Wilmington, NC. Don't go there. My husband and I bought sod from Lowes on Friday night. This was a weekend project at our beach cottage and we had been traveling for three hours with trailer in tow when we arrived at the store. Before we could load the sod, we had to take all of the stuff off the trailer. This included a wheelbarrow and large ladder. The employee who seemed to be in charge insisted that she could not sell a pallet of sod. Instead, she and another employee were trying to handle and count out each piece of sod. As you can imagine, it was a lengthy process. It was closing time when the transaction was completed and the employee was clearly agitated. She and a helper went back into the garden center (the doors were now locked) and we were left in partial darkness to put the ladder back on the trailer on top of the sod. My husband strapped down the ladder and we left. On Saturday night, we went back for more sod and a different employee waited on us. He immediately suggested that he could sell the entire pallet and guestimate the number of pieces of sod. We said that was fine. Then we noticed there was a delay in processing our request and another employee appeared. Without identifying himself, this other individual asked my husband and me for a receipt for the red mulch we took on the previous night. We were stunned, and he told us that two employees said that we had been seen stealing the mulch and that the store had it on tape. We asked to see the tape and to see the employees who had accused us. He said the employees weren't available and he hadn't actually seen the tape yet, but that the employee took down our license number and it matched. We explained our movements, i.e. putting the ladder on the trailer, and he eventually said that loss prevention would be looking at the tapes. I said I wanted to see them too and that I thought he should have looked at the tapes before accusing us. Lowes has always been a favorite of mine, but no longer. If they train their employees to detain people without properly investigating an accusation, they are no longer on my list of favorite places to shop. What a shame and a loss for both of us. We have spent thousands of dollars at Lowes over the years. Someone else will now get our business.
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You went through this whole story about your terrible night at Lowes without mentioning red mulch, then all of a sudden you're accused of stealing red mulch? Where did the red mulch come from?

Did you buy red mulch? What does the sod have to do with it, if it's mulch you were accused of stealing?

Maybe you bought a ton of sod and also stole some mulch because the sod purchase annoyed you? That's what it sounds like.


Now you are falsely accusing Lowes of how they train their employees. It was an isolated incident and you just happened to have a *** of an employee at that time. I understand your frustration but you just made a false accusation yourself.


Lowes policy is to never ever have an employee falsely accuse anyone of anything ever. With that being said. I'm sure you have the receipts for the sod you bought the previous day somewhere. Plus I would have gotten the employees name and employee # or if he refused had him bring a member of management out to resolve this issue. It is a criminal nightmare as well as a civil case nightmare for anyone to wrongly accuse someone of shoplifting from their store. I know of cases where the subjects accused have received over $200,000,000 in compensation for their pain and suffering and have gotten paid, threats of litigation from corporations don't work especially once corp shareholders are advised of the companies actions. They actually pay attention to the details of their investments. I would also find out the stores loss prevention detectives name and never back down if you did nothing wrong. LP detectives are dirty, I've see them falsify records, tamper with records (changing document information after they were signed), criminally stock employees who are apt to blow the whistle on their criminal actions, make terroristic threats, criminally harass whistle blowers, and much more. "I'm not condoning shoplifting, it is wrong but at the same time", It not right for LP depts and big corporation who think they are untouchable to break the law either. Also there is this company called Hireright formerly USIS that tracks shoplifters and a lot of companies report their shoplifting paperwork to them. They may or may not have a file on you. I would start their because they are similar to a credit reporting agency and have to by law disclose any and all information they have on you. So essentially if you did nothing wrong you can build your case.

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Was anything ever done about it? Did the police show up?

Nobody would even know about it, if you hadn't posted it here. Grow up!


What you should have done in case you didn't have a receipt was go into customer service and asked them to print out another Receipt. It's very easy to do and it only takes all of three minutes. All that would be needed was a date and product number.


Falsely accused my ***. I saw the tape it was you.


1-80*-***-**** Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 1 a.m.

(ET) and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. (ET) and share your experience with one of our Customer Care Representatives.

Call corporate.

The number above is pulled from their website. You'll probably end up with enough money on a Lowe's gift card to build a house ;)


Go straight to corporate about this. If the people who said something to you guys weren't loss prevention, they could be fired for straight out accusing people.

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