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Monarchy German Shepherds - Monarch German Shepherds

Horrible breeder, who doesn't have skills to produce quality puppies. Dog that i received has gone training with numerous professionals on fearful/agressive temperament since she was 3 months old. No improvement since. All of the trainers though told it is inherited. Dog is also in completely poor health. She was diagnosed with epillepsy. Epilepsy can run through genetics; in fact, in my dog that happens to be the case as there is no other cause detected. The breeder has never replied to questions after the purchase of the dog. Sheree Mooses is the breeder of the dog's parents, also known as Kaleef German Shepherds. It has been told also that another puppy from my dog's sire has had several seizures. PLEASE DON'T JUDGE THOSE DOGS JUST BY THE PHOTOS. Aside from temperament defects, you may get a dog that will suffer with health conditions.
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I have a Kaleef/Monarch dog, he's 1 yr old, he's doing agility, very social dog, good temperment, and no health issues.

J. Sheaffer


Breeders can test if a dog has a normal temperament prior to selling it. This breeder didn't. I have trained two of my other dogs in schutzhund, also GSDs, except of Western line. I would know how one should behave, and how one should be trained. When i received this puppy, i was quite sure it was abnormal for her to behave as she did. Two months have passed, all efforts were given to rehabilitate her, almost no change occurred in her temperament. The puppy's behavior was clearly different from that of a normal one that just arrives to a new home. I was a strong believer that i could still reassure the dog, and have her live a happy life, but as many vets or trainers would say, it is far from possible to let this puppy have a normal dog life. She was simply born that way.

Another option is that the breeder did not properly socialize the dog during 2-4 months of age. Even if it did turn out that the puppy never received proper socialization, she would show up skeptical and shy towards a few people, dogs or objects. But what my dog had is not a fearful stage, or anything similar; it was far worse. Lack of socialization would not make this dog to be impossible to rehabilitate. After all, dogs can be rehabilitated from abuse and what not, but once again, not this one. It is the way she was born that no matter how much you make her feel safe, she will forever feel unsafe with other people, public places and dogs.

On a side note, what breeder makes guarantee to return a dog if dissatisfied with temperament and health within 48 hours.How come it's not two weeks? or a month?

Or for health alone, the breeder identified up to a year worth of grantee? Hip dysplasia is only tested after a year... Most of inherited diseases show up after a year...

One can control illnesses. One can be sure to purchase dogs of complete health, knowing that in their line there was no genetic disease. My dog has epilepsy and it is inherited, as no other cause was found. This diagnosis is based on three veterinarians.

If one unhealthy dog is produced, many others will follow.

However, this breeder did produce several dogs that i know of that are faultless in all aspects, but this is how my dog turned out to be. It is not as unfortunate for me, as it is for this precious dog to live a life on medication.


Only have the highest regards for the breeders...excellent dogs/puppies. It is impossible for any breeder to control the environment in which a new puppy will go to and sometimes issues present themselves due to the lack of knowledge of the breed. Also, just as with any living creature, one cannot control illnesses that may arise in either humans or animals....they can be caused by numerous factors that include internal or external components...breeders strive to have the best possible outcomes in all breeds.

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